Monday, September 27, 2010

while we wait on news of the house...

...& if it will be ours, enjoy a fantastic video by the avett brothers. brooklyn has been growing more in my heart each time i visit there (we were there this summer again). i wish to visit much more in the future.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

1453, aka HOME!

new digs, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74 / jenifer lake.

where have i been? well...slogging through morasses (is that a word even?) (asses is the appropriate word regardless...) of paperwork & phone calls & requests & emails & every. crazy. day. the mortgage company asking for MORE information, more explanation, MORE papers, MORE documentation - a total, seemingly never ending, frustrating nightmare so we can finally, FINALLY perhaps this week even, get the keys to our soon to be


the process has been a ridiculous one but, holy moly, we will have a piece of san francisco to call our very own people. the mister & i have rented for an obscene amount of time in our life. we've given way too much of our hard earned money to poopy realty companies. at one point, i had resigned myself to renting for the rest of it. it's a weird feeling & there are conflicting emotions about why we are able to buy this house now. not because of a windfall of our own (far from it, our poor little piggie bank is broke broke broke now) but because of the financial woes of our country & the terrible mismanagement of bankers & such toppling the housing market to make a home affordable & realistic for us. it's a strange feeling to move into a foreclosed's akin to the feeling i get when i go to estate sales, but that's another story. (& i don't go to those if i can avoid it, thrift stores are much more my thing).

we will burn a little sagebrush over our 1911 built home & air out the stale, acrid, negative air living in there. she will now be taken care of properly. she is a TOTAL project house. needing sooooooo much TLC. we are up for the task, & through our super handy awesome friends & our favorite building resource center, will be able to polish her up gleaner style with lots of second hand & resourced materials.

this will be my energy & my heart for the next several decades! we have huge dreams of amazing gardens, bees, chickens, lofty kitchens that open to our little yard & a studio/visitors cottage out back... we have dreams of moving our project sprout gallery to butchertown/bayview and continuing what we started in our live/work in dogpatch. we have dreams of bbq's on an upper roof deck that overlooks downtown SF, and we have dreams of so many far flung friends coming to visit our home & sharing in those dreams (& maybe even painting & doing some demo work as well!)

hopefully i'll be back to posting more regularly now. i have lots of stuff to share with sprout studio, with rad new goodies in my gleaner project shop & inspiration & fun things in general!

it's good to be back in this space & i hope your days have been happy & awesome!