Monday, April 27, 2009

the official tour shirt & poster :)

4.10.09, originally uploaded by artisart.

the 04-10-09 trip

so the trip i took over spring break was crazy fun, crazy silly, crazy exhausting, crazy beautiful, crazy lovely, crazy wonderful, crazy frustrating, crazy great, crazy connected! i flew into norfolk, virginia the prior wednesday before we left on saturday the 11th. the whole trip focused on a chuck berry song, "the promised land" - which talks about him leaving his hometown norfolk (our previous hometown too) & heading out for the promised land. listen here to the song. lots of folks have covered the song over the years, elvis does a great version, as does our neighbor, who sang & recorded a slower version for us which is awesome.

the gist of the "04-10-09 tour" was to go through all the cities he talks about in the song, which we did. also, some of our artist friends who went on the convoy reinterpreted the phone number he sings about in the song as a date, thus 04-10-09, the date we had to leave! the car which we drove, a green vw thing, was one of the artist's (anne who came along with us) father. he had it in his garage since forever ago and bequeathed it to the mister if he could fix it up, well of course he could fix that vw thing up! so, we drove that rattle trap, safari-esque jeep looking, metal extravaganza all across the united states! & it made it! & we froze, we laughed, we heated up, we saw beautiful things, we ate awesome food, we reconnected with absolutely fantastic people all along the way.

friends put us up in raleigh, atlanta, austin & paso robles. we camped the other times & we stayed in a hotel once. we outran a tornado & were gifted a double rainbow for it :) the photos are amazing - please look, see & read over at the 04-10-09 log that we kept along the way -- promised land tour there are videos, writings, and tons of photos as there were 4 official photographers in the group and several unofficial ones too. go have a gander if you feel so inclined!!

this week consists of my HUGE student art show i put on each year & that is a major endeavor. after the show thursday night, i motor down to l.a. for the 2 day unique l.a. show come see me - i'm sharing a booth with my friend christine haynes.

super duper busy, i'll post again after the week's craziness!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

04-10-09 absence

been roadtripping - thus, the extended absence - photos soon!

also, have my school wide art show this coming thursday the 30th (mucho work) + a show down in l.a. that following weekend. i'll post more about it soon.

hope all's well in the worlds of yours.

Friday, April 03, 2009

all out *intern* search!!

hello fine friends!

i am conducting a search for an intern to help me out in the sprout studio headquarters. i am becoming overwhelmed with working full time & running a 5 year old business on the side!! i need some help!!

so, the job would consist of 3-5 hours every week or so (pretty flexible on hours) in the studio to help me with a myriad of very exciting things ;) i'm super flexible on when those hours could be filled as well - if i'm not around, my lovely mister is usually around too.

duties: stamping, gluing, organizing, shipping, stickering, packaging, cleaning, sewing (if you are a sewer of course, but you don't have to be), cutting things out & petting our dog dixie loo -- all whilst learning valuable small business knowledge, tips & tricks of the trade, & of course - listening to fabulous music, being subjected to chatter, and plied with gin & tonics (granted you are over 21 of course!), homemade food, because i love to cook, and the occasional sprout studio trade! what more could you ask for?! doesn't this sound insanely fun & thrilling? don't you want to come & be my intern? do you know of anyone who would love to be my intern?

now, you need to obviously be able to get yourself to the dogpatch neighborhood of san francisco semi-weekly. have to fill a class for college? looking for some sprout studio trade goodies? or, just hankering for a mean limey gin & tonic?!

please let me know - either via commenting here, or emailing me at sproutstudio AT!

i will love you forever. and that's a promise.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

design*sponge; turning downtimes into up!

design*sponge interviewed some crafty indie biz ladies about turning down times during this recession into upturns - i was one of the 15 interviewed - take a peek -- there are some really fabulous ideas :)