Friday, March 31, 2006

had one of those days.

ever had that kind of day where, you're exhausted b/c some kind of bug kept biting you the previous night and you couldn't figure out what it was but have welts to prove you're not crazy but still couldn't find the source of said annoyance and then become paranoid to turn out lights to have insect/bug/unidentified critter come back to bite...and putting your contacts in the next morning resulted in tears and frustration and a feeling like you scratched the crap outta your eyeball and now it hurts hurts hurts and your indigestion is just *off* (that's all i'll say about that) and your one and only mug you keep at work falls so slowly out of your hand and crashes into a million pieces on the floor when the only thing you really wanted right then was a hot cup of tea to set you right and you are running so late as it is you feel a sense of erraticness starting to come over you as you realize you have people waiting to meet with you and you are not set up and ready to teach your classes that day and you feel a wee bit overwhelmed as it is by huge art show you are putting on at your school where you teach and trying to get ready for the show you are selling your wares at on saturday, because, yes, you own a small business too, and come to find out the paper you needed to print your business cards, because again, yes, you haven't had time to actually get real business cards even though you are a year into business, so are still printing them out at home and cutting them on a paper cutter, well the paper you have gotten from the mr. is the wrong paper, but only have one night to print some before the show so simply must print on them and bite tongue...

but. do i crawl into my hole and shrivel up and cry cry cry & have a sappy jenifer meltdown (like i want to)? no. no. no. not me! i rally, i get back on that pony and continue to print on bad paper with one good eye and sore welts and drink my ginger tea to soothe my belly and decide to move to lovely tropical island soon.

yep, i had that kinda day yesterday.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

jen corace

jen corace, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

ooo -- one more thing (the thing i'm so excited about!!!) i bought this jen corace print off of tiny showcase tonight and i'm so very excited! i love love love her work and i always always always miss the tiny showcase print runs - so hoorah! i can't wait to get her!

busy bee

been caught up in getting ready for the noise pop show on saturday! making more necklaces tonight...searching for good bracelet theme pieces. making more vintage button rings too.

anyone else caught up in the darn 'lost' series? we downloaded it from itunes...oi! it keeps pervading my thoughts.

loretta lynn right now on the tunes, walk the line movie later as i search for fabulous imagery through stacks of folders and ripped out images and old books and all sorts of other places.

that's it.

except, i love the city i'm living in here in san francisco and feel so lucky to still be here. ;)


Saturday, March 25, 2006

late night? it's early a.m.

it truly is a packaging marathon...slowest girl on the planet. i told you so.

late night packaging

late night packaging, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

late night packaging

late night packaging, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

late night packaging

late night packaging, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

Friday, March 24, 2006

toothpicks in eyelids...

well, not really but. it's late. the mr. is out "wrenchin" (that means working on vw busses) and i'm here packaging up packages. i've decided it's better for me to package up sprout studio orders once a week. it takes me literally *forever* to get my goodies all together. i'm the slowest slow poke packer of them all. you could say it's because i take such time and care with my treats for you (which i do) or that it takes thoughtful, insightful musings to pick just the right free lovely to go into your package (which it does)...or it might all stem back to the 'jenifer takes ages to eat a meal' phenomenon (which...i do.) and if you have ever in your life eaten one meal with me you, this girl lovesssss to eat herself some food...but i just take forever! seriously, it's little bit of a humorous 'ha ha at jenifer at school' now where i teach b/c i'm so slow...anyway...what a tangent. i told you it was late and my eye balls needed propping open.

dare i tell you what i'm listening to right now? it's been a delve into the early 90's kinda night for me; huffamoose (any fans out there? obscure pennsylvania band? sonia?!) and now toad the wet sprocket. (joooo?!) sometime's it's nice to relive those early college/late high school rememberings again.

...& it's raining here in sf again (just like, '...& it rains in lindy's hotdog stand...' (ed?!) sorry, private joke with my virginia wonder peeps!)

one more package to go and then off to bed. perhaps an episode of 'lost' to take me into the la la dream land...


Thursday, March 23, 2006

noise pop n' shop show!

so i'm doing the noise pop n shop show here in sf; saturday, april 1st, club six - 60, sixth st. 12-6pm. and ya know what? it's march 23rd and way closer to april than i was thinking - so i'll be busting out the goods this weekend and producing sprout studio treats like crazy! i also got the hugest shipment of glass pieces ever yesterday; i can now make glass piece reclaimed imagery jewelry FOREVER! heh hehee...

and right now at this very moment, the most hilarious scene is happening outside my office door; 3 little kindergartners have cornered the school counselor and are telling her all about their very dramatic problems (ie: "mr. e the assistant is forcing us to sit on the rug during reading time and that's not right" "we didn't get our goodie bags today and everrrrryyyy one else got there's" & it is freaking cracking me up to hear 5 yr. olds scream about their harrowing issues)

anyway...started a new scarf with beautiful ivory woolie alpaca yarn last night. yum. big fat seed stitch scarf. it's gonna be all for me! watched the movie 'me, you & everyone know' - highly recommended.

also, i was in the market for a yoga dvd around the holidays and i bought the seane corne one; she is wonderful. i love that yoga session! so if you're in the market, now you know! if you've got any other recommends for me, let me know.

3 beautiful little lemon triplets awaited me by my computer at school today; my principal left them for me (had formal observation today with 7th grade; 3 lemons = job well done!! hoorah!) -- it also means, spring is coming! and i'm very glad; i'm dying to get out hiking over in the north bay.

okay. that's all for now - i added loads of new interesting crafty type blogs down there in the links, so check them out if you feel so inclined!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

loading you up with pictures...

the space, goofy pics of me, the studio...a little look into my world...

neighbors/our space

neighbors/our space, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

neighbors toes

neighbors toes, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

the "deck"

the "deck", originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

family roots

family roots, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.


workspace, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

to become vintage button rings

perusing buttons

perusing buttons, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

me, overly excited about buttons

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

and YES my cart is all fixed!!!!!!!!

i love my helpers!

art journals

art journals, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

art journals are up and all paper goods are updated which means; hoorah!! i'm finished with the big march update!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006

new adopt a site check outs:

kelly meeker designs -- really beautiful jewelry!

light at the end of the tunnel...

so just a tiny little pricky might be shining outta my cart situation. we're aren't totally positive yet, but we are gonna work more tonight as yesterday was spent all day in bed lost, and literally we were "lost" in that dang tv series "lost"...we haven't done a stay in bed all day zone out in was kinda nice. granted, i was feeling sick, and it was a beautiful day outside (bummer) so it wasn't all fun and games, but still. it's nice to clock out every now and then, and since we don't have a tv, dvd's are little outlet and someone lent us the whole first season; there are like a million episodes?? obviously i haven't watched tv in ages (haven't owned one in 10+ years - hoorah for no tv's!)

so there's the new update about said overwhelming cart situation. i did manage to work on updating my earring section and as of today there are 5 new very springy, super cute pairs - different style than the ones i've been making; swingy, long, elegant, a wee bit fancy! the last bit of newness to update are my art journals; these are way awesome and i'm excited to get these up; one of a kind art pieces on the front of blank white journals; they are my cut up pieces right on the front of the journals. very cool. i love them. and i would keep them if it weren't for this little business and offering them to you!

hopefully by the end of this evening, or the latest tomorrow, i'll have all this figured out and will be on my merry way to one) a big fat break, and two) thinking of new things to make and three) preparing for the noise pop show here in sf on april 1st and four) hoping for spring to peek back out so we can go take some picnic-relax time!

ciao sprout bebe's!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

i think i'm gonna melt down and cry...

so after all this work and pushing, photographing, and making, and getting out my coupons and mailing my mailing list folks and getting all my new stuff up, my whole *entire* paypal cart is going all wrong wrong wrong wacky wonky crazy wrong. and i'm so sad. and frustrated. and fed up. and to top it off, now my email isn't working either, so i can't send things through my sprout studio email...and then my personal email locked up too....waaaahhhhhhhhh. and to think of all the people that might have been browsing through my site to encounter such issues with the cart makes me want to shrivel up into my wine glass and just boo hoo hoooo hooooooooooo.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


got a little caught up in stitch n' bitch night, had a few glasses of wine; pics are edited for art journals and paper goods and earrings....just gotta copy edit and price...tomorrow they'll come.

i emailed my mailing list folks with their special! have fun shopping!

ps - my special u.k. friend (you know who you are) i still haven't gotten your thank you in the mail yet (ack ack ack!) it's coming and you get an extension since i'm so delinquent in sending!!

okay, xxx.

the latest...

i couldn't post last night b/c blogger was acting fishy...anyway, all of ceramic treats are over and vintage button rings are over...the last of it should go today and i'm going to email my mailing list folks today too! hoorah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then i take a big fat break this weekend!!!!!!!! hoorah for that too - i *am* irish, so here's to a drink for st. patrick!

Monday, March 13, 2006

clay goodies over late late late, my eyeballs were closed...

last night we stayed up too late. but some of the ceramic treats went over before we went to bed; we had about a 5 hour set back (huge amount of time when you are trying to edit and proof) b/c another someone came over requiring some time of the mr.

so, the rest of the clay stuff should go over to the site tonight and hopefully more too. he's (the mr. half of sprout studio) has been slaving away all day while i'm at "the other job" ;)

i so want to just email all you lovely mailing list folks and give you my little dealio i have in the works...but i made a little promise that i'd have as much of the new stuff up as possible before i did that so you'd have the greatest selection of goodies to choose from...we'll get there. it's just discouraging when you feel so far behind.

anyone get their goodie coupon in the mail?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006


vintage button pin set going over in 5 minutes.

4 minutes.

3 minutes.


6:01pm west time

2 new bracelets up!

new glass rings posted over...working on vintage button rings...

also experiencing technical difficulties on another front...might impose a bit of a backup...might actually have an explosion down there with the mr., we might have to have a beer-thirty time and come back in a bit...! eek! this is when i wish i could be fab-oo photographer and web designer and graphic person all's always harder to work on someone else's project...ack...calling in the big guns, calling in the apple support team...okay, more info than you needed.

i'll update with pertinent info from here on out! ;)

4:44pm west coast update!

we've got necklaces up - more new large ones, 15"er's are cleaned up, a new 17" one or two also...rings are posting over right now as i write on the mr.'s computer... ;)

i'll keep you posted as we pro-gress......................


Friday, March 10, 2006

editing, tweaking, tightening, saving, pricing, wording...

...saving, photographing, color correcting, title-ing, explaining, thinking, saving...

we're almost there, so close, so close!

Monday, March 06, 2006

teasers teasers. lovely sprouty sweeties...

some of the fun new things i've been working on! have another photo shoot scheduled in the next 2 days so hopefully those necklaces (which is what we are waiting to shoot - it's been sooo rainy here; bah!) will be ready to post soon and then you all can have it!

thanks for your patience!


march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

some happiness for your fingers!

march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

little triplet lovely sets...

march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

new bracelets coming too!

march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

tea time made way more fun and sprouty!

march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

cutie umbrella lady...part of button pin sets...

march teasers

march teasers, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

some treaties i've been working on...coming to the site soon soon soon!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

workin' hard for her money...

...alllll weekend long; still at it. we shot loads of fun photos of some of the new product and now it's off to editing, proofing, posting, pricing, writing, emailing...we got a coupla days still. hold tight dearie pies. stuff's a-comin...succchhhh sprouty sprout stuff it'll be worth the wait. promise. pinky promise.

....mmmm....mmmmm....she works hard for her money......soooo hard for her moneyyyyy....


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

HOORAH HOORAH!!!!! sprout studio is ONE!!

oh my...i can't believe a whole year has gone by since little ole sprout studio was launched! i feel simultaneously like i've learned enough to fill buckets and not nearly enough! but what i do know, is how to say THANK YOU! all you lovelies out there have helped me reach this point, so i'm going to drink a glass of wine tonight and celebrate! you should too!

check back in to see what i've been up to this weekend; i'll email ya and let ya know if you are on my mailing list!

cheers duckies!