Wednesday, November 24, 2010

sprout studio in a pop up shop this saturday!

hi all!

come on out - i'm only doing 2 shows this holiday season, i know, what? oh she who normally books every weekend all december & some of november trying to hawk her wares & pimp her lovelies...only TWO! so if you wish to snatch some good sprout studio goodies in person, this saturday is one of your lucky days!

it will be smaller than the renegade craft fair i'll be doing here in the city the weekend before christmas, but, it will be mellower, more fun, more drinking, & better snacks!

come on out & say hi to me & my other awesome artist friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

being thankful

i've been thinking, obviously, about my mountain of things to be grateful for & people i am grateful are in my life. i came across these two videos today & mostly, i'm thankful for people who make the world better.

one - people who make a difference. skate parks in afghanistan? teaching girls to skate? oh my yes.

two - more people trying to make a difference. "it gets better" - gay & lesbian pixar employees making a video to share their stories on how things 'got better'. again. yes!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

porch sittin'

porch sittin', originally uploaded by sproutgirl74 / jenifer lake.

the haps as of late: i somehow chipped my front tooth & i don't even know how. i bruised my tail bone by thinking i could just get on a skateboard & roll around. my left eyeball suddenly feels like it can no longer accept a contact without stinging & burning.

more haps: plugging along in the house unpacking. renovations will be an ongoing part of my existence. the super mild weather in mid november has me feeling a little creepy.

& the last of the haps: am contemplating my ONE show set up for sprout studio i'm actually doing (the renegade craft fair here in town). have to do a major update on my sprout studio collaborations with the necklace of the month ladies. i may have a sprout studio open house at my *actual* home sometime in december. stay tuned.

in the mean time, i'm porch sittin' :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

portland, a little winter, lady friends...

we had an amazing time in portland for the little winter market. we shopped, we met awesome other lady artists & bloggers, we ate delicious amounts of food, and drank many amazingly yummy cocktails, wandered about in the beautiful portland fall & basically just had a ton of fun! we stayed in the ace hotel, took our photos in the photo booth, meandered into stumptown coffee on the left & clyde common on the right & didn't let the rain faze us. & we watched 3/4 of one horrible film (do NOT go see due date no matter what anyone says! - you will need copious amounts of alcohol to get that one out of your system!)

if little winter happens next year, i am so down with going!

you can see the rest of my photos from the weekend on my flickr here

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

& we had an amazing time shopping the market; i still think i need to get this egg print for my kitchen...

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

we ran into jenny & her sister!

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

it was super fall in portland!

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

street wander abouts

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

street wanderings

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

my amazing secret pocket woven scarf i bought & really haven't taken off since i got it!

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

grids & stripes

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

dancing magical leaf attached to a charlotte web :)

a little winter/pdx weekend snippet

Monday, November 08, 2010

a little winter video

this is where i shopped to my handmade heart's content this weekend in portland, more of a wrap up to come, but i just saw someone post this lovely video & wanted to share:

Little Winter from anja verdugo on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

pdx & pinterest

first off, i'm going to portland for the weekend for a much needed rest up with two lady friends - & the best part? i haven't had to plan one single thing - tickets were bought for me, flight figured out, hotels figured out, & i'm sure most outings will be figured out too! i love it!! we are going up for the little winter market. i beyond thrilled to meet up with so many great lady artists & to shop amazing art & products! i'm going to have to restrain myself or my wallet will be emptied lickety split like.

two, pinterest. i am in LOVE with this new visual bookmarking site. i've already squandered hours pinning & making my boards - but the organization by visualization is way too good. i've started lots of boards just for me but also for my art lesson plans & such at work. an excellent tool! check out my boards & follow along if you like, &/or create your own!

happy weekending to you all!