Wednesday, July 23, 2008

hibernation continues...

4th of july camp out, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...when life says... i can be difficult, pesky, frustrating, fickle, sad, stressful, painful, crabby, cranky, & most of all heartbreaking...

...i say, i need to hibernate...which entails: lots of quiet time for me -- sitting on the bench the mister built with new plants peeking out & drink my ginger peach tea (favorite ever. ever ever.) puttering around the studio half heartedly cleaning up & possibly thinking about new ideas. baking cookies & cooking meals. spoiling dixie loo dog. crawling up into the bean bag chair and listening to endless youtubes of antony & cocorosie. reading, reading, reading. eating dark chocolate. buying flowers, tending my plants, and doing some healthy staring into the clouds...... & lots of thinking. & trying to regain that balance when life swings her mood down into the dark...

i'm a true cancer at heart. i'm not much of a spiller but to close friends - it's hard for me to trust and be super open until you've stuck around a little and my poor little cancer self can crack open a bit -- but tomorrow i go to see 2 of my favorite girlies -- to chat, to drink cocktails, and to sort out some life mess through being amongst each other. i'm super thankful for these ladies i've know almost since i moved here in 2001.

i leave for portland on tuesday for the pickathon with this lovely gal. we didn't think we'd have any time this summer to actually clear our heads and get out - through some rather upsetting circumstances, we actually are leaving -- which is the most needed thing in the world right now. we need the coast, sunsets, dixie on the beach & a cozy blanket wrapped around the 2 of us - a little snug cocoon...& when we come back mid august perhaps i'll be ready to peek back out and chase after that light again...

...i know i will be...i just need a little time. :)


Saturday, July 19, 2008

ms christine haynes & me

ms christine haynes & me, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

a total success is what the renegade fair out here in sf was. and such a good time between my two good friends, christine and mati & her man hugh. met lots of sweet people and listened to one amazing marching band - mucca pazza. go see them if you are in chicago anytime! thanks for coming out and saying hey to me :)

summer update/news: well, the out of town west coast tour hasn't quite happened, some major crazies have been happening in our world, but we are hoping for at least 2 weeks of down time...yet to be determined.

in the meantime, it will still be quiet here in the sprout blog world as our upside down world tries to right itself. it's been a bit of a crap ride here lately. good vibes are encouraged :)


Friday, July 04, 2008

come out, come out SF peeps!!

i hope everyone is planning on attending the renegade craft fair in SF! it's gonna be loads of fun with lots of "heavy hitters" in the craft world coming. i'm going to be in between my awesome friend christine, of the christinehaynes label, and my other lovely friend, mati (& her mister hugh) of the suspectshoppe! come say hi to all of us!!!