Wednesday, March 31, 2010

last day for celebrating six years for sprout studio!

march is the anniversary month & today is the last day to get your free shipping on @ my sprout studio etsy shop &, the last day to get 25% (hello! yes, 25%) off at my regular sprout studio site with the code "six" in the checkout discount box!

hurry, speed away, do some spring shopping!


graft | structure

, originally uploaded by shash.

quick teaser; more details coming -- april 24th, my next collaborative show in our project sprout gallery with kerstin svendsen. 6-9 pm, 900 tennessee st. come on out!

Monday, March 29, 2010

the 3/50 project

have you heard about the 3/50 project? it's about sustaining the local economy & keeping all those rad, tiny, independent businesses going -- a worthy project indeed. check them out, think about your purchases & how they support whom - let's keep those indie peeps in business okay? :)

happy monday!

ps - it's also meat free monday!! go veg for at least a day - you'll feel better on so many different levels!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the smiling face film, by yoko ono

you, smiling person that you are, should go add your beaming, grinning, beautiful face to this project that yoko ono is doing. you probably know by now that i love yoko & once again, she has embarked on a beautiful gesture piece. share in the good feeling smile vibes & add to her flickr pool & film.

if you are still feeling the smile pull, you can go do this smile piece as well by y.o. --


Send a smile to your friend so he/she can smile, too.

Think of a way to do it.

You could send a photo that says 'smile',
or a picture, a story, or a piece of pie,
but specify that it's a smile you're passing on.

Ask him/her to do the same:
to pass on the 'smile' in his/her own way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

almost unbearably sweet

a papa that makes a darling little song for his 3 yr old daughter using her lyrics? yes, count me smitten with the cuteness.

Monday, March 15, 2010

all about the renegade craft fair!

i love renegade. i really do. my friend christine & i decided this year that we would try to do almost all of the renegade craft fairs. they are consistently our best shows; our customers rock the fair for us & we really do have a good time! we decided to splitsy on our booths because we share really well :) we love each other, we can save money, and our mister's like each other too!

so far we are definitely in the austin renegade & the brooklyn renegade! we will be flying to both of these places & setting up shop (more like camp!) & hopefully having fantastically fabulous shows!

we are hoping to get into l.a. (she lives there) & sf (i obviously live here) & then, i'm hoping to do the holiday sf one with a local artist gal.

mark your calendars fine folks - i'm excited to do austin as it will be brand new people to see, and brooklyn, my ole fave (& my inaugural splash into the craft scene 5 years ago) i look forward to seeing all you peeps too!

cross your fingers for us for l.a. & for sf!

yay renegade!!

oh ps - i put the renegade handmade logo down there too because my sprout studio goodies are in their chicago shop - & if i could swing the chicago show i would. i love chicago people!

renegade line up

renegade handmade

Thursday, March 11, 2010

& here is your latvian "totally awesome" for the day

in this one, i am in LOVE with the dude in tan that obviously joins in but doesn't really know what's going on, but dances around anyway!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

your "totally awesome" for the day

i L.O.V.E. this spontaneous public performance stuff. this one, is beautiful. yes, i am a *huge* fan of the sound of music, so it's even better. check it out!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

yoko & john & the lighter & the onochord & 8th graders

i like this story that yoko ono shares about the lighter that john misplaced. we went to see her about 2 weeks ago as the headliner for the noise pop fest here. she played the fox theatre in oakland - seriously beautiful place i had not been to before. what i was most hoping for, was a tiny flashlight to perform her onochord with; and i got my wish. it's one of my favorite pieces of hers. each seat had a tiny flashlight to spread love with - "i love you" in flash light bursts - i ii iii - so perfect. she's amazing & a powerhouse of a performance artist. i just showed some of her work to my 8th grade students prior to the show & while they kind of laughed, they also respected it. it was rewarding to come back and tell them on the heels of sharing of her work with them, about seeing her in person and how beautiful it was to see the fox theatre lit up with onochord love flashes! one of my prouder moments was when i attended the 8th grade retreat last weekend (yes, completely and utterly sick) & one of my students came up to me with her flashlight for the night hike they were going on and flashed me the onochord - i, ii, iii - & it almost made me teary. sometimes, my job is simply awesome.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

home searching...

...seems to be all about dashed hopes & broken hearts :( i don't know if you, dear reader, have had the opportunity to go home searching. i think it's another world all together when looking with a miniscule budget in the bay area, and specifically, in san francisco proper. we've been looking for just under a year & fit ourselves into about 4 homes at this point, just to have something go not according to plan! & by "fit ourselves into" i mean, these would not be homes that we would necessarily choose in the least (read - crappy little homes), but being budget challenged as we are, we figure out how it would work -- as dreamers, schemers & idealists, we try to make that home fit us because we have what we think it takes to transform something into a little jewel of what we want.

so far, the bay area does not agree with us. it's positively disheartening to dream oneself into a home & then have it taken away because, a - they aren't taking bids anymore on that home, or, b - that home actually is off the market (even though it's listed as active), or, c - the home is not worth all the work you want to put into it, or, d - that home with TWO clawfoot tubs, (yes, two, sigh!!) would actually have to have a hazmat team come in to determine what's been going on in the basement while it's been vacant lo all these years.

this is to say, yesterday, we leapt our little hearts & minds into this home in bayview, with views of bernal heights & twin peaks from the front & a little smidgie view of the golden gate bridge (!!!) from the back. we let it wiggle it's way in & then, just when it had a hold on us, and i could see my future in it's doorway, we get the email telling us it's not a go at all, no more bids are being taken on this home. yes, i cried. yes, i have a head cold to beat all head colds right now which makes negative news worse & i can barely breathe with this cold as it is. yes, i should not have cried because then i *really* couldn't breathe.

so i post these photos of pretty sunsets and double rainbows to help remind myself that maybe there is still a little pot of gold in the bay area for us. maybe, even though i can't see it or feel it, there is still some teeny little home that would like us to move in & shine it up. for a teeny little bit of money for that matter. we will work hard for it. we will. we promise.

well, here's to hoping that we might just find one. maybe.

& if you happen to have a far distant rich uncle that likes to help out poor artists, or a fancy biddie auntie that has a home she'd like to give away in the bay area, you let me know okay?

sunset in los gatos