Friday, January 29, 2010


someshine, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74 / jenifer lake.

...reminding you to come on out tomorrow night from 6-9 for our domestiCity show at the project sprout gallery; 900 tennessee st, dogpatch hood yo!

if you can't make the opening, mark your calendar for the closing tea on the 21st of february from 2-5 :)

hope to see you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

& a g'mornin' to ya

just peeking out & saying hey, & remember that my inaugural project gallery show is THIS saturday people....bay area folks please come say hi to me. (& out of the area folks too, oh my, any east coast, mid west friends flying in? hee hee...)

and i'm here to tell you - dranking too much whiskey & eating too much vegan haggis last night is not a way to wake up early with kiddos at the waiting. we celebrated robert burns, scottish poet & populist hero, with my englishman neighbor-friend. we also read lovely sweet poems & some naughty ones to boot!

off to listen to some bluegrass tonight & finish up some framing of some i-pola's for my domestiCity show! eep!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

introducing the necklace of the month project!

so a little while ago i was scheming on how to collaborate with some awesome lady artists, and this is how it has unfolded - lightbulb - make rad glass necklaces with them! first up for the sprout editions is mati mcdonough , she is our ms january & we made two necklaces -- they are super fantastic and of course i'm sure i'll need one of each :) & i think you might need them too. check them out on my sprout studio site & scoop one or both up!

each month i'll be collaborating with a different lady artist & for 2010 we have a baker's dozen of exciting sprout necklace editions lined up. stay tuned, because february is coming up fast!


power feather lady

show the world your magic

mati mcdonough & sprout studio editions

mati mcdonough & sprout studio editions

Sunday, January 17, 2010

a marmalading day!

follow along for a marmalade saturday!

gather girlfriends & seville oranges

wear a cute apron

pet the cute neighbor doggie


drink lots of tea

a pot of golden sunshine

all about marmalade

so i "marmaladed" yesterday - holy smokes, it was a lot of work, a lot of laughs, soreness, silliness & gratification. i've never canned or jarred anything & i've wanted to for a *really* long time. however, there was the whole perhaps-i-might-kill-someone-if-i-can-the-foods-the-wrong-way-thing holding me back. so i learned from a friend, and now, i'm ready to CAN EVERYTHING! you will not be able to stop me from jarring 50 glass containers of spaghetti sauce and raspberry jams & apricot yumminess &, &, &... :) without further ado, here are my instructions. have at it if you wish, but if you've never done it before, hanging out in a kitchen for 12 hours with 3 other awesome girls with one of them being your bossy beautiful teacher might be the way to go...i'm just saying!

Marmalade Nazi rules - aka "golden Spanish sunshine"

Wash seville oranges
Wash jars with soapy hot water
Use new dome lids - you can reuse the band rings
(Weck jars at Heath or French ones @ container store -- new rubber rings need to be used each time)
Dry oranges & cut in half - use clean towels
Cut in half grapefruit way
Juice them - strain the pips (seeds) & all juice into a bowl, set rinds aside for later
Sterilize jars in boiling water (do not put jars on direct bottom of pan) or you can sterilize in oven @ 300 degrees
Don't forget to pet the pepper & drink copious amounts of tea
Scoop all pith out of orange halves
Cut into quarters & scrape out as much pith as possible
Cut rinds into tiny slivers
Pour juice into pan
Wrap up pith & seeds in cheesecloth or linen & tie with string
Put into juice with slices of rind & add water (approx 10 cups water for 3 lbs of oranges)
Drink some cocktails!
Bring pot to a boil & then simmer for two hours
Go eat sausages & take a break
Squeeze bag of pith out
Cut & squeeze a coupla lemons into the pot of liquid sunshine
Add Approx 6 cups of sugar in the pot (depending on how sweet you want it)
Bring pot back up to a boil & stir to dissolve all them sugar granules
Bring down to a simmer & simmer for 35, 45, or more minutes - until some of the sugar juice placed into a frozen bowl gelatinifies - during this process "skim the scum"
Sterilize jars for 15 min in boiling water
Set on clean toweled surface & don't touch the rim or the jars at all - use the birthing tongs to take the jars out!
Use metal funnel to pour into jars - keep rims clear of jam -- leave about 1/2 inch below top of jar
Wipe edges totally clean & seal jars with lids & rings
Place back in boiling water for 15 min -this seals them
Eat it all up with some yummy breads!
Kiss & thank your teacher :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sidewalk chalk artist

we have a sidewalk chalk word artist in our dogpatch neighborhood. this is one of my faves i've seen. they always make this odd, patched together - sort of sense. sometimes they are political, sometimes i'm not sure what the little poetry writings are referring too. but this one, this one i just love. i'll be printing about 10-12 of my i-pola's for my upcoming show & i'm fairly certain this will be one of them :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a little new look on the blog...

...a little cleaner, away with the dots, hello white :) & now you can see the entirety of my photos - yay :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

ps - what is up with my blog?

why is my blog cutting off my photos? ack! the cute domestiCity postcard is all cut off :( anyone? anyone?

DomestiCity show @ the project sprout gallery!!!

hello art lovers!! here's the first of the big 2010 news -- we are so thrilled to unveil our first, kick off, inaugural show at the *project sprout gallery* at the 900 tennessee in dogpatch! katrina rodabaugh & myself will be exhibiting photos, prints, & works on paper & we couldn't be more excited!!

january 30th is our opening & we have a closing tea in february as well. we would LOVE to have you - please mark your calendars and come out & help us celebrate!

the mister & me are crazy stoked to begin our venture in the home gallery world. we were part of a co-op gallery back in virginia and it's been too long since we've been running around adjusting lights, putting out wine, & showing art! hooray!

we have a tentative second show at the project sprout gallery on the books for late april :)

DomestiCity show @ the project sprout gallery

Friday, January 08, 2010

a little makeover

we did not get to travel to colorado as planned :( the transmission in our "grey ghost" vw, well, gave up the ghost. so no trip for us over the holidays. instead, we totally redesigned our kitchen -- took down old cabinetry, got some new old metal ones from our local resource center (where, seriously, about 75% of our home is from -- it's our local place where contractors and builders drop off new & old vintagey "stuff" -- & we buy it up for cheap & spruce it all out!) & rearranged, cleaned, built, moved, mounted & took up & put down & removed & decided where what should be where! this took the entire 2 weeks; plus i had a cold.

so now our kitchen is awesome, but the rest of our place very well could have been the site of some sort of explosion. all that will need to be fixed very soon, because we have big plans coming down the january pipes. this weekend i'll give you all the heads up on our next fun venture happening in our place & dates to save!

soon after that unveiling, i have another project in the works that i'll unveil next week!

2010, i've got plans for you buster & we are gonna rock out this year!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

what i love...

celebrating new days and birth days with sweet lady friends. & chocolate pudding pie as the birthday cake. i love that too.

i also love nasturtiums....

i also love stripes & orange mugs

& this particular mister carrying this mug.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

recipe for a good day

1. go to the movies with a good friend & watch sweet ole bitty of a 70 something lady hit on your mister & compliment his almost-to-be handlebar mustachio
2. sneak picnic lunch into movie with cloth napkins & chocolates & candied mango for dessert
3. head to tea/coffee at trouble coffee shop near the beach & sit on awesome old growth lumber benches outside
4. drink yummy earl grey tea & homemade choc chip cookie while meandering down the street.
5. wander to nearby totally cool general store where you might lust after a wool fishermen's sweater that you used to steal from your father and wear all the time. miss sweater. miss your dad on the east coast. make deal in head to come back and purchase said awesome sweater once all the wool eating moths decide to migrate to someone else's home.
6. shoot shake it photos of heart stickers & other cool things on the way because the shakeit app is the best thing since ever.
7. take photo of cutest dixie dog ever even though said doggie likes to whine & act like her world is coming to an end when you walk into cool stores & leave her behind.
8. drive camper bus ruby-nell to ocean beach and have a growler of brewed stout beer while watching ocean and scheming great ideas about summer months ahead.
9. decide to have these types of days all the time in twenty-ten.

a good mini adventure

a good mini adventure

a good mini adventure

a good mini adventure