Saturday, August 30, 2008

experience is wisdom

experience is wisdom, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

ah yes...the older i get, the more i believe this... (the wiser i'm becoming)

on the agenda for the 3 day weekend:

*make homemade sauce with 9 lbs of tomatoes, basil, eggplant & squashes from the market
*make fieryeyed's challah bread
*package up sprout studio orders & do a mini clean
*pot up new clover plant & succulent plant
*make fried green tomatoes from my poor tomato plants that just aren't liking the SF fog
*have a picnic in dolores park & see the SF mime troupe
*put away all my recently thrifted vintage wardrobe scores & do a major haul out of the stuffed closet
*go for a hike with dixie loo dog
*book club meeting to talk about the sucky book (don't read "be near me" no fun -- an official phhtthgfffff.....
*rest up, because those little grubby peeps gave me a cold on my first week back - they are true germaholics those kiddos!

what's on your weekend agenda?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

negligent blogger - update now!

wow, have i been the absentee blogger or what?! well, first things first - oregon was the super duper head cleanse we needed. highlights from the summer:

*i went home for a brief week; to see some ladies & catch up with my 3 year old nephew & the fam. virginia delivered the requisite hot weather and amazing thrift goods.

*we had a 4th of july
camp out that was lovely. our neighbors joined us in another bus we loaned them - we need to do this more actually. wanna come next time?

*the renegade craft fair was awesome.

OREGON (i love you) (but my heart lies with california):

portland pickathon (with shash & liz) -- a wonderful community of musicians, sustainable culture & the just the right amount of people as festival goers/campers. the line up of music was really terrific and i hope to go again next year.

*deelish dinner in portland neighborhoods with locally grown produce & locally brewed beer. i wish i could love 9 months of gray & rain, alas, i cannot - but portland, you are just great & i will always come for visits.

*backroads - why travel any other way? i mean, can you beat
fern & birch tree forest grove campsites? we stayed at maybe 3 or 4 designated campsites, other than that, off roads & U.S. forest land way way way up in nowhere ville. just our style. thank you oregon for giving us these byways and no-highways :)

mt hood & the columbia gorge. hello gorgeous land, you do the soul good.

sasquatch love, some golden light & some dixie loo time.

THRIFT STORES! if you are really nice to me, maybe i'll tell you the best 15 mile thrift run in all of oregon. there are gems on that road - true diamond thrifting to be sure!

*the best part though? spending time with my
favorite person in the whole wide world, the mister :)

& as long as i'm divulging highlights - did i mention the part about the heroin addict living in our home (thus the disappearing acts & stressful emotional drama on our ends) & the tiger penis found at the bar down the street? oh yes, it's been a very full, long, draining summer. hooray for autumn and new school starts right?

i'm climbing back up on that bucking bronco life and going for the ride again :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we're back!

we're back!, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...& semi-relaxed & ready to go. we had a really fabulous time. i'll be posting more photos and a few stories over the next week or so. however, school started back this week and the students come back tomorrow - so i'm just oh, a wee bit crazy!

i'm so happy though to be back in san francisco, i just love my pretty city so very much.

kisses to everyone. i've missed posting here.