Monday, August 31, 2009

oh monday monday

well. i clearly have not caught up enough to start blogging regularly again. school started back full time - the first week feels never ending! but it is always so exciting to see those kiddos & how much they've grown.

i've been to some parties, had some cocktails, been sweating & crazy hot, & then turn around the next day freezing (& thus baking), farmers market thrice since i've returned. i have a serious love affair going on with my farmers market. serious... i've been dreaming about all sorts of good ideas & hopes for the coming months, i've been looking at homes (!), though none where i want them to be, and none in our price range...futile, i know. i've been drinking fancy parisian tea (yes, ms bon vie, yours is a-comin...), dealing with nasty back ups in our sinks that take all day to resolve because we have the lowest rated realty co that manages the building i live in, drank some more cocktails (lots of peeps to catch up with), had an outdoor bbq oyster & red snapper roast with my FAVE neighbor ladies, & will be attending another this coming weekend! ...perhaps one of the greatest things about traveling is coming back home & spending time with your friends. i've been restocking my shelves, replanting & up-potting many plants & rearranging their sunshine indoor loft deck area - they look much happier. i've been *dancing* - & my, i do love it. i tried modern dance again & was woefully lost. however, give me some hip shakin' & bootie swayin' and i'm all over it - i love moving my body in this new way & now that i've been dancing for about 9 months, i feel like my legs are finally starting to realize a few more moves instinctively. i have a long way to go - but i surely have fun & love sweating so much -- all that eclair eating needs to be toned down!

our new time management system is slowing working it's way into our lives; it's been pretty good so far. or at least, a little bit cleaner around our place - & a semblance of order that is making my weekends easier to manage (saturday - dance, farmers market, sprout studio catch up, go out in the evening...sunday - is my easy day; no guilt - reading, & slow food making all day...baking, or soups or sauces, etc... & if i need or feel like doing something that was on the saturday list, i do, if not, i don't. mellow out in the evening with yummy food & a movie with the mister.

& so. i have a piece of banana bread with chocolate chips awaiting me for breakfast & i need to go set up my art prep for my kiddos i'll see today.

i know i keep promising photos...they will come, they will!

... wishing you a happy happy monday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

back in the groove...

...& catching up all over! 2 months abroad = everyday everythings slipping far behind! not only do i need to catch up with friends, blogs, emails, sprout studio galore, work, school, idea catching, idea writing, but also exercising, the daily minutiae, dixie baths, new time management systems (for the mister mostly), thinking about scary real estate possibilities (or more likely, the lack thereof), wanting to make my 35 list (for my 35th year, sparked in part by ms hula) (whom someday i am determined to meet up with...!)

--- my feet & brain waves are running, running, running - & it's slow molasses catch up. but i'm allowing patience to take the driver's seat. or trying. patience is a virtue right? & i have loads of time to get it all in & get it all down & get it squared away. it's nice to be back to a schedule (school is in full swing) & to plug in things where they fit.

photos are still being edited slowly & posted to facebook - but i'll get to posting them to flickr & here too -- patience, patience. (there was this song i used to listen to when i was little about this snail, herbert, that was NOT patient & he needed to learn how to slow down -- "have patience, have patience, don't be in such a hurry. when you are impatient, you only start to worry. remember, remember, that god is patient too, soooo think of all the other times that people wait for you!)

have a lovely weekend & hope the end of summer blues don't get you down! (because autumn in soon behind, i LOVE autumn!)


Saturday, August 08, 2009

heya, hi there, how's things's been a while!

heya, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...a little bit sad, a little bit happy, a little bit overwhelmed, a little bit thrilled, a little bit in unbelief...leaving in 2 days to end our 2 month, 60+ day sojourn around euro-town.

we've seen amazing art, wonderful sunsets, glorious skies, brilliant looking people, inspiring fashions, unique city plans, a ton of cool architecture ...eaten more delicious food than we possibly could have imagined, fell in love a little bit more with each other & basically had a smashing good time!

there are sooooooooooo many photos, it's kind of insane to think about editing and posting them all! i'll be slowly wading through them & posting to flickr. there are already some fun sets up on my facebook.

monday we fly home, over the big ole ocean & our home country. i think we are most ready to be in our own bed, eating our own comfort food & catching up with our friends who get us & speak english :)

more photos to come & more stories will accompany them.

home sweet home. it sounds really good.