Friday, October 30, 2009

"project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look"

this past weekend was open studios and a trial run for our home gallery to be realized. & so, without further ado, introducing "project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look" :) we are super excited to begin our fledgling attempts at showing work - lots of bay area ladies & mens, old friends' work, new friends' work, acquaintances & new peoples all together! yay for art in the house! we were part of a co-op gallery, wonder gallery, back east in virginia and it was such a great time for us, it's about time we got back into the gallery/showing/art world in this way.

katrina & i intermeshed our works for open studios as an opener to our first real show in january. our work looked really lovely together - lots of overlapping themes & media.

saturday night we had game night, so the gallery got to see some action too. we plan on having an opening january 23rd (save the date!) & a closing in february. katrina & i are busy hashing out timelines & chatting about themes, & our collaborative & non-collaborative pieces. this has been a good first process & jump into the mix for me again. i'm hoping to do a series of collaborative shows with bay area art ladies. i want to push myself in new ways and experiment more - so i'm going to utilize our new project sprout gallery as a means to open up a bit more & gain some new ground. i just hope all the ladies i have in mind are willing to play with me :)

& with this opening, i now have a bit of this new work up on my site -- sprout studio go have a peek yes?

hope you all have fine halloweenie weekends :)


project sprout gallery in action

"project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look"

"project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look"

Friday, October 23, 2009

don't forget!

common/shroud - sneak peek, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

open studios saturday & sunday, 11-6 each day. 900 tennessee st @ 20th - come on by, we have lots of good stuff to look at!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

open studios this weekend - please come! plus, GALLERY realization!

out to sea - sneak peek, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

the dogpatch neighborhood has open studios this weekend. saturday & sunday from 11-6, we are at 900 tennessee st. @ 20th. this is partly a realization of our gallery that we have wanted to launch for a while out of our space. the mister is building walls right now as i write (& drinking a little early afternoon adult beverage i think, but i digress...) we have wanted to have a gallery in our space & this was the perfect push for us. our first official show will be in january & it will be me plus a lovely dear friend of mine, katrina rodabaugh showing our work together.

i will have some new holga work (like what you see here) plus some new collages, some watercolors & of course some sprout studio goodies as well. the mister might put up some works to look at too. we are very excited!

won't you join us? drink some tea? have a treat, chat with us, visit & peruse some artworks? we'd love to have you by! do come!


Friday, October 09, 2009

shows, shows, shows -- come out & see me!

urban craft uprising, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

first off, i'll be doing the union design festival, formally capsule, this sunday from 11-6 in hayes valley. i'm at booth #7 & i'm splitting with my friend leslie, of feisty elle. please come by & say hi to us!

on october 24th & 25th dogpatch neighborhood & our studio will be doing open studios weekend - come by! i will have work up, the mister might have some work up & hopefully some beginning collaborations will be up with my friend katrina & myself.

december is promising to be packed already. mark some calendars folks. the first weekend, i'll be up in seattle for the urban craft uprising show. 2 days, december 5th & 6th from 11-5 in the seattle center exhibition hall. seattle-ites, come see me! i've never done a show up northwest & i'm excited to be going.

then, hopefully, i'll be doing the SF renegade show with my sweet friend mati rose. i'll let you know for certain when we find out more details.

i'm also doing a small show down in santa cruz on december 12th, at a community center down there. & i think i'll be doing the noise pop show here in SF on december 17th -- again, more deets to come, but mark your calendars!

i'll also have more work than normal at both craftland in providence, rhode island (they started to carry my stuff year round) & then more will be going to blankspace (they carry my stuff year round now too) over in oakland for their winter holiday show called holidayland.

phew! sprout studio will be one hopping space again. i'm going to also have more artworks at these fairs; small collages, photo prints, & perhaps some watercolors. i'm wishing to change the focus a bit with sprout studio & move more in the direction of making work, not so much product. in lieu of that, we also have some gallery news of our own to announce soon!

please pop by and see me if you get the chance! happy weekend!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


i've been going back to one of my first crushes, poetry. i used to write - a lot. i even took writing & poetry workshops in college. then i wrote on my own for awhile. i never published anything, but i read some of my stuff at art openings. i feel lucky to know this poet, my friend katrina -- i just started reading some of her work & it's phenomenal. truly. i love poetry. when it's good, it just cuts through everything -- the core, the meat, the heart, you got it. it's all there, & it can be so very raw & real. i love it. it's like a good piece of visual art; if you can have a new experience with it each time you see it, it's a winner. i've also picked up a new collection by sharon olds from the library, again, good stuff. my all time fave is anne sexton. hands down, i was smitten with her from the very first time i read her, she's incredible. i'm sure being out of the loop has put me behind - any great contemporary poets out there i have missed? turn me on if so...

i also stopped by rare device (they carry my umbrella skateboard too) this past thursday - they have a fantastic show up right up now. if you are in the bay area, don't miss it. i have my eye on a few pieces if i can scrounge up some monies for a purchase i'm going too! diem chau's work is especially lovely. i also got to meet the lovely lisa solomon for the first time too. i feel like through bloggy world i've known her for a long time, so it was nice to put the two worlds together.

news soon about some upcoming holiday shows i'll be participating in. yikes, holiday already huh?!