Saturday, January 28, 2006

valentine's day recommends...

go get-cher loverly ladee or gentle-man a pair of these cutie's valentine's perfectness... ;)

valentine's day recommends...

valentine's day recommends...

perfect for v-day!

valentine's day recommends...

valentine's day recommends...

perfect valentine gifties for those you heart...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

loo dog 2

loo dog 2, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

the loo dog 1

the loo dog 1, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

& for your enjoyment...some doggie photos.

loo dog 3

loo dog 3, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

crazy dixie loo-loo

the mr's new camera...

the mr's new camera..., originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

and our crazy colored bathroom...

modern day pen pals?

i've been thinking a bit about how jealous i am of all these other bloggers and indie businesses doing their illustration fridays and self portrait tuesdays and swapping and trading and getting real goodies in the mail...i've been trying to devise some sorta group penpal/goodie pal dealio where we get fun stuff in the mail...not tshocke crap, but real live fun maybe it needs to be in the form of a treasure hunt kind of thing...where you gotta go find the coolest handmade something or another, and another round could be making some sorta something in a thematic sense that gets sent around, and then for another time, we should send out our favorite songs for when we are in a blue mood...or...i dunno...just brainstorming here...should it be round robin-y, where keep sending the same things...and add on too the package...or take out what we want and keep sending it...or just swap out with one person who's likes and dislikes are similar.........or??????? what do you peeps think? anyone in on this? any interest, thoughts? or should we just adopt an already existing the self portrait tuesday one? or not do anything at all?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

another blog for you.

i *adore* her work -- i think i'm buying some...and i think i'm gonna buy the mr. a v-day print from her...shhh...he never reads this anyway so don't tell him!

camilla engman

for those who want to know more...

1. name: jenifer
2. birthday: june 30...cancer!
3. place of residence: san francisco
4. what makes you happy: my mr. & my doggie...yummy food, good books & music, discovering new things...
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last: jenny lewis
6. an interesting fact about you: my first car was a pink vw bug
7. are you in love/have a crush at the moment: oui oui
8. favorite place to be: probably somewhere abroad but since i haven't been yet, i'm fond of my grandparent's cabin on the lake in virginia...
9. favorite lyric: too many
10. best time of the year: when it's around 70 degrees
11. strangest food you like: ?
12. biggest fear: that i'm not going to see the entire world before i leave it
13. biggest ambition: to be happy in all aspects of my life

1. a film: walk the line
2. a book: anything by mark helprin or anne lamott
3. a band, a song and an album: just discovered jenny lewis so i'll recommend her...also the latest gillian welch, ani difranco and cowboy junkies

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your blog so i can tell you what i think of you.
4. post a picture of you


cut & paste at your own discretion...

silly silly personal quizzes...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

a new blog for the week...

& someone shared this blog with me (kinetik, you'll like this one):

blue bottle coffee blog

so new blog to check out for the week...


i'm SO excited - or...early 21st century blues...

...i woke up this morning to getting the new cowboy junkies cd from my neighbor, he picked it up from our lovely postal man - "early 21st century blues" cd - i *adore* them...and they are amazing and margo is fabulous and their music is transcending...i relate so much to those crazy canandians...anyway, so this cd is soooooooo good - alternately had me crying and smiling and crying and smiling. i love them. they have a handle on the human experience...through music...they are my favorite sunday morning music...even though it's saturday morning right now!

that wasn't very sprout studio newsie worthy...but i had to share that. if you buy one cd ever again (b/c we allll burn our crap and rip it off the internet...i know) buy this one. amazing. and they end with a cover of a U2 song...(i know i know...but for me...too too good...) (spare the mr. now...he can't stand U2 - but they pulled me through my highschool years...) okay...too much information...

giveaway closed!! for now anyway!

you guys are much for my talking to myself theory!

i'll run another giveaway again soon! it's the slow months right now! ;)


Friday, January 20, 2006

we're all talking to giveaway rules!

this is what i've decided. i started to hit that next blog dealio in the upper right corner and i can't tell you the number of blogs i went to where there were NO comments. none. not one. zero. like, are we all some bizarro sorta creature that now sits around and writes things into space to noone? or is this our metaphysical journal? are we all writing hoping someone will read something somewhat slightly interesting about us and respond? i dunno. i like to think a milion people stop in just to see what's going on with ole sprout studio and choose not to leave a comment. i dunno. i think it's time for another contest. first 3 people to respond to this post with the following will receive, yet again, goodies in the mail!

1. my doggie's full true name
2. your mailing address
3. your email address, b/c you have to be on my mailing list to enter this contest!
4. where sprout studio is located.
5. &, the winning question...does jenifer prefer red wine or white wine?

hehe...good luck and good posting!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

trying to be fancy - i figured it out!

and because i just figured out how to make something a link go to where i want it to go...i'll send you here:

favorite blog of the week

:) hooray for figuring things out and friends!

be a watch dog this has been going around about urban outfitters - ripping off small designers and businesses and out and out copying their ideas and then selling them as their own...sad sorry state of affairs. makes me want to not shop with ole u.o. anymore...guess i'll stick with my anthropologie fetish though. (but they are owned by the same company - what a pickle)

for the story go to

pass the word.

be a watch dog for a better business world!!!

power to the indie businesses!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

sprout studio sale continues

...a wee bit longer - until january 15th (my papa's birthday!) & then all the items that are not permanently on sale (like the large necklaces, 17" necklaces & wearables) will be going back up to 2006 prices! fair warning has been posted!! snatch up goodies now!


sprout makin's

sprout makin's, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

workin' workin' workin'...

sprout makin's

sprout makin's, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...workin' away in the crazy sprout world...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


...of "kong" - super fun entertainment for 3 hours - really liked it, and (shhhhh) i cried...i'm such a sap! now we gotta see the original of course...

...of "chronicles of narnia" - boooooooo...and i'm so bummed...i adore those books and that movie was crap!

...of "elf" - totally funny & such a feel good movie at the holidays...

...of "family man" ?!!?! - what is this crud? i seriously cannot deal with this stupid humor...& the mr. laughs all the time...he sabotaged our netflix so it keeps coming --- arrgghhhh!

***& now for sprout studio newsies***

...the sale will continue for a little bit longer as i haven't sold out of as much stuff as i'd like to. also, i'm working on some totally new products...i'm shooting for a big fat update towards mid-february as i'll begin celebrations of my one year anniversary of sprout & launching new goodies, press releases and specials for my customers! :)

...& have a pleasant wednesday!