Monday, September 29, 2008

being 34

sometimes i can't believe i'm 34. the mental age doesn't go along with how i feel, how i perceive myself - i suppose this is a good thing.

i'm 3 months into my 34th year and i have a lot to accomplish -- there are definite things i have on "the list" -- i decided one thing i'm going to do is dance this year; and i've signed up at a dance commons and have gone to a coupla classes. i'm truly excited about this! it's so fun to move my body uninhibited and not feel like a total dork :)

another thing i decided is to pick up painting more - i dabble a bit, but i've had some ideas and i'm experimenting - i'll have some wip's i've been working on for several weeks to show you soon.

another -- to go to spain & meander back roads, and not only are the mister and i going to spain, we will be spending 2 whole months in europe this summer - hooray!! i'm so psyched about this. more on where we want to go later.

i like the idea of choosing 34 things to accomplish in my 34th year... baking bread has been on the list for a long time and i finally made 2 whole loaves of challah bread from scratch a few weeks back - yeah, it was pretty divine and yeah, i'll definitely be adding that one into my repertoire.

i also decided i'm going to go to a masseuse once a month as part of my stress reduction & to help manage my IBS. this is really not an accomplishment, as much as an acknowledgment that my health needs to be a priority and i'm taking positive charge of it.

regarding sprout studio, i also decided i'm pushing more for free press and i'm going after that goal. i need to actively market myself more and i've been working on getting my name out there. so far, pretty good - i have a long ways to go though.

there's a lot more on that list, but for now, these are where i'm starting. i think this 34th year will be a grand one...i'm starting out on the right track :)

happy monday!

Friday, September 26, 2008

my first amy ruppel painting...

in the mail, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...a bird in a houseboat of course! because we like to carry our homes with us when we travel (via vw busses) i thought this one appropo. i love it and am glad i scored it - her stuff sells out wicked fast.

...i'm on my own this weekend/week - the mister is on a skateboarding trip in colorado. i've got a stack of about 8 movies to watch and chill out with. that's my thing when he's out of town -- lots of mellow time watching movies and reading and moseying around the studio. that said, i have plans to host game night with shash tomorrow night here - so there will be a big ole cleaning party before that happens. i have farmers market plans, fort funston beach running time with dixie loo dog, and visiting lisa's studio on sunday with ms mati. should be a fun weekend, and i'm sure i'll squeeze that do nothing time in there too :)

have fabulous weekends my friends.

Monday, September 22, 2008

a little fall write up on design*sponge

a press pick me up - was very thrilled to be on these + some blogs last week. sprout studio has been a wee slow, so this press blast was a welcome change :)

happy first day of autumn to you - always my most favorite season.


sprout studio on creature comforts

sprout studio on modish

sprout studio on modish, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

hey look at me...

our new gallery., originally uploaded by Bird in the Hand.

...well, my umbrella sk8 board deck! one of them is hanging out at lisa & rena's rare device store - i know she is very happy to be up there! i stole this photo from lisa's photo stream :) very thrilled to have my piece in their store!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

monday evening times...

we went to go see beautiful losers last night at the lumiere. so so good. there is so much wrapped into that movie for us -- when we came out to SF, discovering margaret kilgallen, falling hard for her work...hearing of her passing away. being on the outside edges of that street culture/skateboarding/surfing/mission style was really wonderful to see the artists profiled and then again, to be bolstered and reassured that making art is about just that -- *making* it...w/o all that rigamarole of who's getting gallery time and how fast someone else is getting recognition, etc. and it made me go, yeah, that's right, if i feel like making collage that no one pays attention too, that's just fine. totally fine. good movie - go see it.

then we grabbed dinner at nick's crispy tacos - yum, margaritas and fish tacos. we hadn't been there before and i really wanted to try those infamous tacos. next, we're going for $2 taco tuesday night! then, we wandered down to the ole the bigfoot lodge/bar for a g&t and a beer for the mister and a wind down from the movie. totally fun, especially if you dig on some sasquatch, which we do :)

tonight, i go to my first EVER dance class - i'm way excited!! i consulted with the dance diva, andrea/hula70 about what kind of dance class i should take. then, i discovered the rhythm and motion dance classes at the ODC dance commons in the mission. bingo. totally uncoordinated, never danced officially in her life me, completely responded to the description. and my bootie needs some activation to jiggle off some of that *2nd* bootie going on down there, so i think i'm gonna love this class! i'll report back tomorrow!

have a great tuesday folks! xxx.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

another good sunday morning

another good sunday morning, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

woke up, hallelujah, it's a smidgie cooler in the bay area, i can see the fog rolling in over twin peaks -- it's about time, i have been frying over here in dogpatch. i went for my once-a-week jog (new running shoes; yay!) with loo dog. it's just me & her. the mister has gone up north to make a CLF (campmobile liberation front) drop off of a vw bus to a new owner. a new family in the fold.

i decided upon return from the jog, to ring up my momma & bake something yummy. hello buttermilk blueberry scones with molasses from my martha cookbook - why have i never seen you nor baked you before? you are quite delicious. i think i'll have another since i already demolished the one in this photo. yum.

and now it's ny times reading time. loo dog is snoozing in the sun and i'm ready to peruse my paper before i gotta hit that mile long sprout studio to do list - uh oh, it's already 12:19?! well, it's sunday ;)

& lastly, i have myself a nice cold tall "florine morris" to drink. heard of the arnold palmer? well, i dubbed my own after my grandmother. we didn't drink lemonade & iced tea, we drank orange juice & iced tea with my grammie growing up in the summer in virginia. so now i make myself a "florine morris" when it gets sweltering. cool & refreshing. any ole tea will do, this happens to be ginger peach, with oj. mmmm....perfect.

have a good sunday loves!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

market pretties

market pretties, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

what i did accomplish--

*making the homemade sauce, making fieryeyed's challah bread (totally dee-lish and i'm definitely making it again), packaged up sprout studio orders & did an extremely mini clean in the studio, had picnic is *esprit* park, not dolores, got a little mime troupe... yes on the book club meeting to talk about the book that was not my favorite...i did rest a little, but that cold is still hanging out.

errr....nope (moved to the next weekend agenda!):

*pot up new clover plant & succulent plant
*make fried green tomatoes from my poor tomato plants that just aren't liking the SF fog
*put away all my recently thrifted vintage wardrobe scores & do a major haul out of the stuffed closet
*go for a hike with dixie loo dog

hope your weekends were fab & your week equally so.