Thursday, September 29, 2005


i can't even begin to say the number of times i've run out of gas in various volkswagens in my life. seeing as how i started my driving career at 16 with a light pink vw bug and i am now 31 (ack!) i'll let ya take a little guessie all by yourself.

...& surprise, guess what happened this morning, on 3rd street, in the middle of the downtown financial district in san francisco, during the morning rush hour?!! oh yes, out of gas, lots of pissy people...we're taking up their lane and "little girl blue" has run out of gas. see, apparently i'm the one who gets to remember the number of miles we are allowed to go and if i forget to remember...well, you know.

now, as crazy as that is, here's the good part. thank you karma & angels for shining on us. as we are pushing little girl blue off to the edge of the street, what to our wondering eyes does appear, but a lovely gentleman mechanic with none other than a coffee mug size "VW" tattoo on his forearm. excellent. he lends us his gas can (as we scrounge around for no such thing, which normally lives allll the time in the bug...) we walk walk walk, get our gas...and i'm late late late to work. but, that's okay. it could have been crazier...(like that time we ran out of gas on the bay bridge...patty?! or, that time on our way to fresno...jb/kb?!) haha...won't give you those right now! sprout studio news, we photographed a bunch of shirts, new necklaces, felt pouches and a coupla bracelets. i also found out i'll be doing a benefit show for the san jose shelter - "ladies night out" a pre holiday event. it's in belmont. details to come. i'm also going to apply to the bazarre bizarre in l.a. that one's in december. and one more, decemeber 17th, 2-7pm holiday cheer, open house, trunk show in my building! mark your calendars and come on out my friends!

if you'd like to be a sprout studio trunk show host (who receives 10% of all sprout sales towards their own goodies - ooh la la) just give me a shout! we'll set one up! (but ya gotta be one of my california chickadees or...what do you call a boy chic?!)

anyways...had 2 yummy margaritas celebrating another girlfriends birthday and i'm off.......

xoxoxo --



Linda Johnson said...
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EdgerYurseet said...

Boy chicken



A la Foghorn Leghorn

Chicken Hawk's

Hmmm that;s a tough one.

jenifer74 said...

huh? whatchoo talkin' bout?

jenifer74 said...

ha ha ha...i had to reread my own post to get it...doh...i'm a goofy...