Wednesday, November 23, 2005

things i'm thankful for...& the yummy *menu*

...where do i even start? let's see. maybe broader thankfulness is better...& these are not in any order whatsoever...

*my family -- they are wonderful & in virginia ;(
*my friends -- spread across the country, and globe...i wish i could be near them always.
*my little business sproutland wipes me out, & brings me lots of joy & stress - i love it!
*my 'real' job -- i do love this also. most of the time. my students can be quite obnoxious, & then say the best things *ever*
*my doggie -- dixie loo is about the craziest darn thing that's happened in my life lately - & i adore her!
*living in san francisco -- the best weather, the best scenery, the best goings-ons...& i get to still be here; yay!
*let's see...the roof over my head, a few pennies in the bank (& i do mean a *few* - ha!), & the plentiful food of which too much goes into this here belly...
*geez...i could go on forever...reading good books, perusing good books, buying good books to have & to fit just right for your mood...looking at art, finding art, making art, being around art.
*& i'm thankful for the my most favorite him. couldn't make it w/o him.

there ya have it. & now on to that yummy menu, of which, too much will be fattening up my buddha belly...

here's my overly ambitious menu -- to start: pumpkin bread in the morning (from scratch of course...), apps: stuffed mushroom caps, almond covered cheese ball w/ stoned wheat crackers, tomato & feta & basil toothpick snackies & the wine starts now too!...the courses: broiled wild king salmon w/ lemon, olive oil & old bay seasoning, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, sage & pecan stuffing, fresh green beans w/ dill butter, acorn squash, rosemary-cheddar cheese buttermilk biscuits...ending off: pecan pie (okay, bought this one from whole foods - it's dee-lish, i already had a piece...shhh...), lemon tartlets - making these from coast tea from the u.k. ;) yum. i'm full already! followed by a healthy long walk down by the bay bridge!! & then a HUGE nappie...

...i will also be introducing my new apprentice & sous-chef in pictures to come...until then, have an absolutely fabulous thanksgiving!! mwah!

xoxox0xox0xox0xo00xoxooxx0x00xx --



EdgerYurseet said...

HOLY Cannolies, that is a lot of food. How many people are coming to eat?

Whose the Sous? Mr. Sproutland?


bigsis said...

bud light,pecan pie fresh off Howards trees and Howard of course, and football till you can't take it no more.
plain and simple, your sis

bigsis said...