Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i have blog envy.

ya know, i read others blogs. i love some of them. very cute. very witty. very inspiring. very creative. very insightful.

then i see how many people are leaving comments; telling them how very cute, witty, inspiring, creative, and insightful they are...and i get a little green. i confess.

how do they have time *every* single day to write paragraphs of interesting information and make us want to read ALL of it and then even come back the next day for more?!

i think if i had my little camera i am pining for then it would be easier for me. visual blogging is much better. although i love words and fancy myself a bit of a wordsmith at times...

right now we are having the oddest sf weather...big puffy clouds...intermittent light showers...sunshine...deluge. ?

off to see ms. dixie loo-loo as she is home alone and absolutely abhors that. i think i will work on some necklaces for the site tonight. new goal: have loads of goodies posting over the weekend.

i still have blog envy.


Pootlecat said...

ha ha ha, blog envy. I thought I was the only one dumb enough to get that! I like your blog, and comments mean nothing, heaps of people lurk and read and don't leave comments! Plus, you are talented enough to make really cool stuff...now that makes me really envious!

Jessica said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with blog envy. You do a great job, Jenifer! Sorry I'm a lurker. :o)