Friday, April 27, 2007

weekend mind relaxer to the hills for some camping up north of here...i have been way way way busy with my school wide art show i'm putting on of all my kiddo's art works (loads, as in 280+ kids x 3 pieces each = LOADS!) but it is an awesome event & i get so proud of my students -- & then they get proud too - i love it. plus, i get to drink red wine in school for the evening. even better :)

...the other 2 things simmering around the sprout studio are my two shows coming up more rapidly than i wish - maven fair & capsule; so i've been trying to be a good bee around the studio. phew. i'm looking forward to reading my new book; a year of magical thinking (joan didion) & looking at my europe book this weekend. i'll take some photos, we're going up to some really beautiful land a friend owns -- a little vw bus gathering & camp out. is also 6 years for the mister & me (we ran away to the courthouse & got hitched) & it means we've been together for 11 years now! really wonderful years. i got the good end of the deal! so we'll have a little toast round the fire tonight. i'm off lovely sprout peeps! have a super weekend. xxx.


Vi said...

lol... total getting that book, i saw it a b&n a few weeks ago... how be's it?

have fun camping, watch for p-ivy.

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Hey I missed your anniversary last week - so happy belated anniversary!

mati rose said...

happy belated anniversary!!! 11 years! hey, i was trying to find your email, but i wanted to ask you to coffee and find out more about you and being an art teacher in SF!
can you email me at: matimcd at hotmail dot com?