Wednesday, December 05, 2007

& on an etsy note...

brief recap: sunday was lovely. i got to chit chat with mati, annie and shash during the day *and* drink warm mulled wine (glogg). i also sold some sprout studio goodies to friends & strangers alike. lovely times. thanks so much for hosting shash. i picked myself up some pretty goodies from shash & dear mati gifted me a fabulous print. i'll shoot photos soon. i'm woefully behind in documenting the handmade goodness that has been coming into my life lately.

on with the etsy show of things that you might like and i most certainly do! in all actuality, last night i went into a frenzy of buying on etsy - allll for other people, so i can't really show too much of that here. but after the holidays, i'll show all the goodness i purchased for people.

some handmade etsy goodness on that list of lust:
*fauna blue spotted bird necklace
*branch necklace
*love times ten print
*when wishes explode print -- i love this one so much, i keep coming back to it and looking at it...i think i'll most certainly get this if it doesn't appear under the tree!
*tree print -- another i'll be getting for sure. i love betsy walton's art. love. love.
*too many tea cups print yes, story of my life!
*cloud necklace another must have.

there is a whole lot more, but this is the list of lusts for now!!



Ileana said...

I've been eyeing that Betsy Walton print too! I got this print last week and I was thinking they'd make a nice pair. Maybe St. Nick will pick a couple of copies for us... ;)

shash said...

thank you again for being part of the party!

jenifer74 said...

oh wow ileana - now i need to add to my list - those would look awesome together! :)

shash - so fun!