Thursday, April 10, 2008

oh where have i been?

a wee little painting doodle, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...not feeling so well, painting doodles, preparing for my art show that is a huge endeavor (happens in 2 weeks - eep!), having 2, 18 year old boys in the house for a week, having a coming house guest in town for another week, thinking about summer trips, packaging sprout studio orders (always), wanting may to be here because i have spring/summer fever, having a bay area art ladies dinner next weekend, hosted a brunch this past weekend, starting up a book club, trying to squeeze in some downtime...& all those little bits & pieces of things & stuff that take up so much of ones free time.

but, during those teensy bits of free time i have been watching melvin goes to dinner & 2 days in paris -- both highly recommended. super witty & entertaining. and i have 3 books i'm reading - eat, pray, love, whale warriors" (the mister and i are reading it together), & blue like jazz ...i'll let you know how they come along.

hopefully all is swell in your worlds.


matirose said...

wait, where are you having a show??!! exciting lady! love the doodles/painting! and did you like 2 days in paris? for some reason i loved it and related.

Pootlecat said...

Feel well soon! Spring should fill you with lively fresh goodness!

Katrina said...

oh it sounds like you've been full of creativity in all sorts of ways. congrats on the inspiration, i think "eat, pray, love" fosters it in a lovely way! xoxo.

christine said...

eat, pray, love is one of my favorite books. and obviously speaks closely to my life of the last year. i hope you enjoy it! it's amazing.
i also loved 2 days in paris! but of course i did :)

Marissa said...

Hi there!
Funny, I just watched 2 days in paris a couple of nights ago and loved it. I love julie delpy, and so related to her... and all of the characters, really.
I can't wait to read about/ see the result of your summer trips... I lived vicariously through you last summer as I tuned in to your european adventures.
Mike and I wish you and the Mister well!

Jessica said...

Sounds busy. Love the doodles!