Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bowl full of good luck birds

bowl full of good luck birds, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...these birdies are flying away to the renegade show here in SF in july...

also, there are some choice birdies on sale for may at my etsy shop!

been slogging through end of school world. i'll pop up eventually, hopefully :)

quick news in the meantime: ...the mister is outta town for a bit on a mission, the doggie is sick (nothing like waking up to sick dog at 2:30 am, poor loo dog), my foot is still hurting from a silly running strain, (contributing to my sluggish feeling since i'm not walking home right now, bleh), i did get some pr work done this weekend (although, dunno if i'll see fruition from any of it), having first ever book club meeting soon at my place (yay), bought tickets to the portland pickathon for august (i think this lovely gal is going to be in attendance with us!), and generally trying to get ready for summer :)

more later - i still haven't shared my kiddo's art show photos yet, i'm so behind - sigh, sigh, sigh!

...maybe i just need an early cocktail - a gin & tonic with extra lime will do just fine - ha!

more soon lovelies.



Vi said...

there you go with the gin and tonic again.

oh. and the lime. the lime.

Katrina said...

these good luck birds are absolutely adorable. and i think you're on to something with the early cocktail too, for certain.

Lisa said...

i love the bowl of birdies. they are lovely!