Saturday, August 30, 2008

experience is wisdom

experience is wisdom, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

ah yes...the older i get, the more i believe this... (the wiser i'm becoming)

on the agenda for the 3 day weekend:

*make homemade sauce with 9 lbs of tomatoes, basil, eggplant & squashes from the market
*make fieryeyed's challah bread
*package up sprout studio orders & do a mini clean
*pot up new clover plant & succulent plant
*make fried green tomatoes from my poor tomato plants that just aren't liking the SF fog
*have a picnic in dolores park & see the SF mime troupe
*put away all my recently thrifted vintage wardrobe scores & do a major haul out of the stuffed closet
*go for a hike with dixie loo dog
*book club meeting to talk about the sucky book (don't read "be near me" no fun -- an official phhtthgfffff.....
*rest up, because those little grubby peeps gave me a cold on my first week back - they are true germaholics those kiddos!

what's on your weekend agenda?


christine said...

on my agenda- trying to do as little as possible and enjoying my man. happy long weekend lady :)

Vi said...

Well, I have school tomorrow.

Quel surprise.

What kind of tea is that?

Katrina said...

i love that word, "germaholics"! hope your weekend was lovely...

jenifer74 said...

thanks ladies; i did enjoy the weekend but didn't get to everything (quel surprise eh b?)

hope your weekend was lovely katrina :) & ms christine, i know you enjoyed your man! xxx.

christine said...

heck yeah i did! i successfully got all my work done fri night and sat, leaving me all sun and mon to just lounge with the man. really needed that! sounds like your weekend was good too!