Tuesday, January 13, 2009

CSPIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act)!!!!

hey everyone, hopefully you've already heard about this crazy not looked at closely enough law and have done something proactive about it. if you are all new to this here is a brief synopsis: government is wanting to pass a law reducing lead in items for kiddos 12 and under (yay!) unfortunately, they have not taken the time or energy to see what this impact means on small businesses --- to the tune of testing for this lead = thousands of dollars to make sure your items do not have lead in them (boooo!) this will put many businesses out of business (boo!!! we already have a sucky economy!) &/or operating illegally (booo - i don't think anyone wants jail over cute handmade blankie biz)

what can you do you ask? write your senator, let your voice be heard!

go here to check out all the nitty gritty and see how you can activate on this: here for samples of whatcha ain't gonna be able to purchase if this goes through and here to access your government officials directly: hello congressman/woman and to sign a petitition: your name here on this form!

go to it folks!

& thank you, from someone who sells handmade goodies for littles & adults alike.

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