Monday, March 16, 2009

oh hello mr snail...

oh hello mr snail, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...this cracked me up & made me feel utterly connected back again to this whole retrovore ideal i am aiming for. my friend sarah started a garden in her backyard last year & she is still harvesting all sorts of yummy cold weather greens. she shared some with me all wrapped up in a plastic grocery bag, i was digging through the bag looking for the kale & collards to put into my autumn soup (yum, yum, yum) & i pulled out this humongous piece of bok choy with a special little friend still hanging out on it.

i took him up to the loft deck & stuck him close to the window to take a photo & he was a super inquisitive snail -- stretched all out & trying to figure out where he was i think! i took a little video of him to doing his snail dance moves :) i let him loose outside my building in the bushes. i'm sure he'll find something equally yummy to munch on out there.

in other garden news, i went with shash & sarah on a chicken field trip!! check out shashtin's post & see me feeding the girls. it was super informative & helped me think in reality about what it might like to have a small brood of our own in a garden!

i'm still putzing around the sprout studio trying out some new things, working towards some art goals & generally making super slow progress. but that's okay, as i feel it all mixing around in there & it'll come out at some point.

lastly, we are planning a big ole cross country trip surround chuck berry's 'promised land' song for spring break. 04*10*09!!! more on that fest later :)

hope all is well.


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shash said...

heehee. where's the video? :-)