Friday, April 03, 2009

all out *intern* search!!

hello fine friends!

i am conducting a search for an intern to help me out in the sprout studio headquarters. i am becoming overwhelmed with working full time & running a 5 year old business on the side!! i need some help!!

so, the job would consist of 3-5 hours every week or so (pretty flexible on hours) in the studio to help me with a myriad of very exciting things ;) i'm super flexible on when those hours could be filled as well - if i'm not around, my lovely mister is usually around too.

duties: stamping, gluing, organizing, shipping, stickering, packaging, cleaning, sewing (if you are a sewer of course, but you don't have to be), cutting things out & petting our dog dixie loo -- all whilst learning valuable small business knowledge, tips & tricks of the trade, & of course - listening to fabulous music, being subjected to chatter, and plied with gin & tonics (granted you are over 21 of course!), homemade food, because i love to cook, and the occasional sprout studio trade! what more could you ask for?! doesn't this sound insanely fun & thrilling? don't you want to come & be my intern? do you know of anyone who would love to be my intern?

now, you need to obviously be able to get yourself to the dogpatch neighborhood of san francisco semi-weekly. have to fill a class for college? looking for some sprout studio trade goodies? or, just hankering for a mean limey gin & tonic?!

please let me know - either via commenting here, or emailing me at sproutstudio AT!

i will love you forever. and that's a promise.



Vi said...

too bad i'm never here. or i'd say YES.

Vi said...

summer perhaps? i have no classes...