Tuesday, January 04, 2011

2011 to do -- 365 project + 52 week project!

i gave myself a full plate for 2011 personal projects. one is completely because i think there should be more hand written mail & such in the world, to that end, i've come up with a 52 week project, the 'ancora/someone in your life' project. i've asked acquaintances, close friends, & loved ones to give me a number & they in turn would receive a piece of this project. i'm embarking on a once a week delivery hopefully. the idea is that my sunday will be somewhat filled with the execution of said project. i'm excited & a little overwhelmed & i hope to stay on track with it!

the second project is one that's been around the nets for a long time, the 365 project - originally from flickr, it's a once a day photo chronicle of one's life. i am however, not going to be so strict on myself. i will have a one a day, but i'm not going to be so hard on myself as to require that i post them once everyday - so i'll be more loosey goosey but also will allow a chronicle of my days, but with a built in catch up safety net :)

i like a little bit more focus in these, and i hope to keep steady with them. wish me well.

& happy tuesday & happy 2011 to you!


linda said...

wishing you well and looking forward to seeing the pics and seeing what comes on our chosen #... keep your focus :) mom

linda said...

looking forward to seeing pics and receiving the #ed part of the ancora project... you are pretty focused already so this should be a neat ongoing adventure...happy 2011 and we love you... mom

Katrina said...

exciting 2011 projects. will be lovely to see your trip to europe also chronicled through this lens, as if that journey is now part of your everyday life. lovely.