Monday, February 27, 2012

v-day cards!

the mister & i decided this year we would follow the lead of julia child & her husband paul & from henceforth & forever more send out handmade valentines rather than worry ourselves over holiday cards! we've done this once in the past, but i like to think this is a tradition we can keep up with. i printed one of my photos in postcard size from our europe trip - some street art with "life is beautiful" tagged down in one the london tube stations. it took us several long evening weekends & afternoons to get in the groove of taping, cutting, writing, markering, crafting, drawing magic - but we got them all done in time to at least drop them in the post a coupla days prior to v-day! phew!

we sent out more than 65! we loved hearing back from those that mentioned they received them (& so glad to know they made it as some of them had some funky business taped to them!)

hope your valentines day was lovely & that february has you spotting hearts all around.

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lisa s said...

where were my manners ?
we got ours and LOVED it.
thank you lovely lady you...