Thursday, September 13, 2012

i am a thriftaholic.

yes i am. there is not too much that gets my heart racing like a good thrift run. i have a special one i love that is close to me. i think it's fair to say the regular customers there clearly are not looking for old flower mugs, 60's dresses, funky old thermoses & wacky ceramic vessels like me. my local thrift also does not have rolling carts, just hand baskets, which gets cumbersome & makes me a wee bit cray cray when the gets are good & my hand basket starts to *overflow*. then i have to text the mister & tell him to GET. DOWN. HERE. now & help me carry all the loot!

sometimes at my local thrift potentially creepy/charming (hard to tell?) men walk by you slowly, look you up & down, & tell you, 'beautiful face on you' --- slighty unnerving, another reason to text the mister stat & have some reinforcements come down.

this is a typical loot run; where i hyperventilate because i'm afraid other people are throwing that stuff into their basket as quick as i am.

the hardest part is coming home & figuring out what i will keep in my collections, & what will be go out into the world for the gleaner project & fly away to another treasure collector.

i am a thriftatholic, & it does my heart good.

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shanalee said...

that thermos is swoony. i never score like this!

wait, that's not true. i find rad clothing. its the house stuff that i never seem to unearth.