Wednesday, October 03, 2012

rufus love.

i had the opportunity to go see rufus wainwright at the henry miller memorial library last weekend. he was AH-mazing. picture that beautifully voiced man, in purple cravat, plaid long sleeved shirt, multi-colored crocheted vest, bright electric blue pants, singing & playing under the redwoods & stars to an intimate crowd of maybe 100. SO good. i clearly have a soft sweet spot for gay men who play the piano & sing their hearts out (see, my love for antony brings me to *tears* you guys).

this video is a nice example of what i saw; he was funny, sweet & clearly jovial/giddy because he was on his honeymoon with his "bunny" - i fell a little bit more for him. so darling. (& don't you love those pants he's wearing in this video?!) his voice is just enthralling to me.

if you get the chance to see him; DO. you won't regret it.

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