Monday, October 10, 2005

change of seasons/ cookies on tinfoil...& the beastie boys...

& just what do all of these things have in common? well, it's super dark earlier now and this always makes me have conflicted feelings...i love all that soup making, tea drinking, bundling up, starting a fire goodness...but then, i get tired soooo darn my biological clock changes a LOT...hibernation i think...

i just made some chocolate chip cookies that i had whipped up earlier in the month and froze...what a novel idea...pop them in the toaster...yummers 15 minutes later!! (but stuck to the tinfoil...but who's watching me bite off the bits from the foil?!)(haha)

& in my valiant effort to stay up past 9:35pm i'm eating cookies & listening to "you gotta fight, for your right......" yup.

studio clean up, major shift. major chat about staying on top of these updates. i hereto promise that within 2 weeks there will lots of fun new lovelies on the site. pinky swear. hold me to it.

another exciting thing that will be happening is launching "Adopt a Site" where i'll be featuring indie sites that you should check out! this will be rotating once or twice a month...stay tuned...

i'm also finding out about 2 more possible shows i might be doing in december...i'll let ya know!

oh yeah... "to................. PARRRRRRRrrrr-TEEEE"

(my pillow is whispering me name hey?!)



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