Wednesday, October 19, 2005

looks like 2 people are reading...ha...!

so mark your calendars peeps...sprout studio is having a community open house in my current abode! december 17th, saturday, 2-7pm. bay area lovelies, do come & drink ups some cider with me (& maybe i'll add a dash o' holiday cheer in that ole mug o' yours!) 900 tennessee st...

there will be other designers there too...i'll be posting them soon also!

i think this weekend might be THE weekend for the darn late-as-tooshie update that keeps getting pushed back...hopefully it will happen and you'll be able to peruse new lovelies all next week!!!!!! keep those fingers crossed!


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abby said...

Hi Miss Jen! Greetings from bedrest land. Shoot! I missed the giveaway...I do check in on ya now and then especially to see the new pics. Anything exciting to post today? I'll check back in on you soon!
xxoo, abby