Wednesday, January 04, 2006


...of "kong" - super fun entertainment for 3 hours - really liked it, and (shhhhh) i cried...i'm such a sap! now we gotta see the original of course...

...of "chronicles of narnia" - boooooooo...and i'm so bummed...i adore those books and that movie was crap!

...of "elf" - totally funny & such a feel good movie at the holidays...

...of "family man" ?!!?! - what is this crud? i seriously cannot deal with this stupid humor...& the mr. laughs all the time...he sabotaged our netflix so it keeps coming --- arrgghhhh!

***& now for sprout studio newsies***

...the sale will continue for a little bit longer as i haven't sold out of as much stuff as i'd like to. also, i'm working on some totally new products...i'm shooting for a big fat update towards mid-february as i'll begin celebrations of my one year anniversary of sprout & launching new goodies, press releases and specials for my customers! :)

...& have a pleasant wednesday!



mi2 in CA said...

Hi there.
(This is Mimie - mi2 is my screen name.)

I love that movie! It didn't feel like 3 hrs at all! And my 10-yr-old son cried as well... when they took the girl away from Kong ... =P

jenifer74 said...

i love that your son cried too...awww...he must be a sweet heart! ;)