Friday, June 23, 2006

RCF photos

so, i'm just now coming up and breathing from last weekend. my oh my. the heat just about did me in, for realz. i had a wonderful pre and post rcf as well with my friends from twospace and my new lovely friends from india romeo. we had cocktails, stayed up on roofs to watch the city sunsets, looked at art, walked across the williamsburg bridge down in the village, ate yummy sushi, laughed a lot, had our pictures taken in an old b&w booth, got completely worn out both days of rcf, lots o' dirty park feets, many wonderful people and smiles, & chatted with other business owners -- slaughterhead, ifn' books and marks, super maggie, green girl art, the small object...and of course i was right in between twospace and india romeo, wonderful booth mates for sure -- i'm sure i'm forgetting some more peeps i chatted with...and some i just don't remember the names of their very cool businesses.

let's see, we went to the MOMA (for free night - hoorah!), the international center for photography, bryant park, the chelsea galleries, rode the ferry around staten island (free!) meandered around red hook and watched the sun set behind lady liberty (i love red hook; we decided this is where we would live in one of those rad old brick industrial buildings were we to move to ny; which we are not - never fret dear san francisco, we aren't leaving you anytime soon!), we got our nft book (thank you c. & i. for pointing out the need of the nft book; not for tourists ny guide) and felt rather proficient at navigating the subway by the end of our stay. we met up with so many friends - virginia was in the house big time. we also got to stay with my dear friends in brooklyn the last night. (the ones with that cutie bug boy in my previous post).

this is what i decided about nyc. and i think i come to this conclusion each time i'm there. i love it, but i love san francisco more. much more. nyc is vibrant, alive, crazy, dark, dirty, huge, amazing, hectic, stimulating, and almost makes me a little crazy...we would definitely be brooklyn-ites if we lived there. the vibe in san francisco is just my style. more mellow, just as much to do that interests me, beautiful and bright and just as alive and exciting; with the added bonus of slipping out of the city to any kind of nature your heart craves in very little amounts of time. i love that about sf. so once again, nyc was great, but was happy to go - but am also just as excited to go up and visit again soon!

since my arrival back here in ole virginia town, i've been literally trying to do a lot of nothing. watching movies with the parentals (my mr. is back in sf for the week), (we've seen 'match point', 'shop girl' - loved it and will watch it again & again i'm sure - and we've seen 'skeleton key' and lots of british mysteries; my papa adores those) , hanging out with my almost one year old nephew (very cute, pictures of him to come too), reading through my ibs cookbook so i can figure out my digestive world better and get that nasty stress out of my life which is affecting my eating world wayyyyy toooo much, i've been sleeping in - glorious sleep how i love thee, i've been checking in with my mail and meandering around to all the blogs i like to read that i've been neglecting, soaking in the the good ole a/c since it's hot as ass here, chit chatting with my grammie, and basically recharging my batteries. ooo - i also went thrifting today -- not really any scores, but that's okay, first runs can be tricky - one orange and pink striped shirt; very cute, and one striped robey type deal to throw over my suit after swimming - got a coupla fun osh kosh overalls for the nephew and one *totally* adorable jack and janie vintage inspired dress for my friend i'm seeing tomorrow! so a good run, just not fantastic yet...

it's been good --- soooo very good this last week....and more of just this is on my plate for the summer! yay!

tomorrow i go visit one of my dearest, most lovely and true friends, ms. jooooooooooooo - she's got 2 cutie bugs and i'm going to get to meet the newest; i'm so thrilled! (and also b/c finallly, there is a GIRL amongst my friends' kiddos!!!!)

more later peeps!


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