Monday, June 12, 2006

safe and sound... virginia. still being production girl; a few days left to prep for renegade. once i hit ny though, which is wednesday evening, no more for me. what's done is done! started new eating regime for this girl (concerning ibs and some other not so lovely things, i'll spare you the deets). needless to say, i might be one level of stress less; like if my stress levels were akin to the national security levels, i might be orange, not red now. my aim is to be the absolute lowest when i touch down back in SF at the end of the summer - what is that, like blue? that's my goal. my friends grabbed a big ole bag of vintage fabrics for me at a garage sale yesterday; some cute stuff is in there; but it needs a good washing and air out; then i can play around with some of it! so my scores have already begun; many more are to be had; i can feel it!

the wedding was lovely - it's always interesting when 2 people come together; you have this amazing mix of people and 1/2 of them, most of the time, don't even know each other -- it's a strange dynamic to know someone soooo well (in my case the bride) and her man, who i sort of know, he's lovely too, but i don't know *any* of his friends - and we are all so very happy for them, jointly grinning and satisfied at our great people coming together; but it's still odd to be like, huh, who are you?!

we shot some photos but with my interim camera - i did finally get one - but i kid you not, all the photos are coming out blurry on me; and it's NOT me, i swear. it's that stinky camera. i didn't lose my touch that we'll see if i keep the interim camera...but i need an uploader to iphoto b/c i don't have one of those yet....but i may get a few up before we leave for ny insanity!!!!

off for now and back to making (well, if you must know, it's 11:20am here and i'm still in my pj's!!) ---- so really i'm off to shed the bunny slippers and get some cute threads to throw on! ;)



Pootlecat said...

coming out blurry eh? sure you've not been on the g&ts?!

jenifer74 said...

i've missed you! where have you beeN?!

it's the camera, *i swear!*!!

Pootlecat said...

yeah yeah, i used to tell people that buildings had 'jumped' ;-)

I've been here, just lurking! any shop updates imminent? My assistant LOVED her package btw!

jenifer74 said...

totally, after renegade i'll be posting lots of new goodies! renegade is the 17th & 18th; so by the end of the month, beginning of july i'll be sending out the word to my mailing list folks!

glad to hear your assistant loved hers! thanks for passing me along!

candykid6 said...

YOUR BACK???????? you know i get what your saying about weddings but i've never really liked them, i always leave feeling confused and a little overwhelmed by the all the MAD partying after..... but still it's all in good fun.sounds like it's pretty boss back east, but the weather's nice here in california.......