Monday, October 15, 2007

hello there.

well, i've been flickr-ing, but not too much blogging. if you want to see some old family photos and pics from virginia, go there! just a peek out to tell you where sprout studio will be in the coming weeks & to say a mild hi. i feel a little blue lately. really fun ladies came by to say hi at the capsule show & i was just too blah to even have a remotely interesting conversation with them. sigh. do you ever feel like you are just not that funny or not that interesting? that's how i feel lately.

anyways, that's a cheerful post huh?

sprout studio's upcoming schedule:

-SF MAFIA MADE trunk show, golden gate park hall of flowers @ 9th & irving, 12-5pm, sunday, october 21st.

-three fish holiday market, dogpatch SF, 2415 3rd st #243, 12-5pm, saturday, november 17th.

-FELT CLUB, l.a., 11-6pm, sunday november 18th.

-possibly, FERIA URBANA, oakland museum, saturday, december 8th.

-MISSION INDIE MART, sf, @ 12 galaxies, 12-5pm, sunday december 9th.

come out & see me if you are in the area or around (perhaps i'll feel like a more interesting person when you come by then!)

thanks for the good thoughts lately.


meg said...

hi lady -

glad to have you back. i know just what you mean - you'll feel like your old charming self again soon.


Dom said...

glad to see you are back. :^)

i have been feeling somewhat blah, too -- i think it's the changing weather. usually i love fall but this year...

Lori (dom's mom)

matirose said...

i hear ya!
wow. you are signed up for so many cool things!
looking forward to seeing you soon.

Pootlecat said...

glad you're back - been stalking you on flickr in your blog absence! Hope things are becoming sunnier for you, L.x.

shutterbean said...

nice meeting you too! can't wait to give my friend the pin I bought from you! Happy monday- hope your week is good!

jenifer74 said...

thanks everyone - i'm slowly gettin' back into the swing of things :)