Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sneak peek - shhhh...

sneak peek - shhhh..., originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

...the newest idea to come out from sprout studio creative mind mining. actually, it's not that new, we've wanted to do this for a while. these are the first testers. they are pretty rad - my art on skateboards is pretty thrilling. the mister has skated forever, so this is pretty natural progression/fusion. what we really want to do is scope out some wood shapers/makers that can carve/cut some "old school" more surf-y related shapes and screenprint on those ourselves - &/or find local peeps we can work with to transfer my illustrations onto boards... lots of ideas brewing around this one.

these will hopefully will be nailed down, and figured out so i can offer them up on the sprout studio site. there will be a new section titled "life & art" where these would fit in nicely.

on another note, i went with mati to the sf creative biz women's meeting at design within reach hosted by grace of design sponge infamy. it was very rad - loads of other lady peeps i knew were there: charlie (of typewright), annie (wexford girl), leslie (feisty elle), diana (one black bird), lisa c & rena (rare device), barbe (saints & sinners)....& about 100 others! it was amazing, & hot, & inspiring, & crowded, & super cool to see so many powered up women! grace was terrific. i feel a bit more charged up in general - it was a goooood meet up & i had fun with sweet mati! (thanks for going with me!)

tomorrow night, mati, shash, the mister & myself will be headed to the rare device store opening - excited to see the digs & excited to see kelly lynn jones art. i've long admired her work & am really happy to be able to see it in person. yay!

hope all of you are doing well.
happy autumn vibes to us all. :)


kelly rae said...

you and i are in sync. i totally painted one of john's old boards last weekend. how weird! and lovely and fun.

and earlier today i left a msg on mati's phone about feeling like i am so not in tune with any city happenings! you girlies are rockin it!

jenifer74 said...

i want to see kelly! you need to come into the city for another meet up- it would be fun to see you for longer than a drive by hello at an art opening :)

Joelle said...

I Soooo Love these boards.
im such a girly girl mom to 5 girls but I bought my girls skateboards awhile ago. You can look sweet & frilly but still Play hard with the boys! : ) haha
anyways... I loved the board you did awhile ago with those umbrella's, but the skateboard is way cool!
I'd LOVE too see more.
Keep it up!
Best Wishes ~