Sunday, March 09, 2008

good sunday morning!

popping in to say i'll draw another winner this coming week (got a little busy there) on wednesday or thursday, so stay tuned!

other quickie news: went to see the ditty bops at the freight and salvage friday night; LOVED them! so darling, cute & fun. the gal they played with, jesca, had an amazing voice as well.

saturday i spent alllllllllllllllll day in the studio with paper ephemera flying around me working on some collages and some new necklaces. made this amazing dish again from orangette, the spiced eggplant (the recipe is just a post or two down right now) -- but this time (because i made it last week with eggplant and it was divine) i used butternut squash in place of the eggplant -- just as yum and deee-lish!

this morning i did my hour session of yoga (sean corne; she's terrific if you are looking for a good home dvd to do). and now, i'm off to the studio - i'm kinda bummed i'm losing an hour but excited for the extra light in the evenings. i have a friend coming over mid afternoon for a tea and scone break from the collage madness. and tonight, i won a pair of tickets to see slim cessna's auto club at 12 galaxies! we've seen them a handful of times and they are amazing. one of my favorite live bands for sure. hooray, and thank you KALX ;)

have a terrific day and good start to your week tomorra!



lisa s said...

don't you love KALX??

i'm off to check out your yoga recommendation. since i can't make it to classes anymore, i was thinking a DVD might be good.... thanks for the tip!

Katrina said...

gorgeous photograph. what a lovely bit of spring.

amy purple said...

i took a yoga class through my school and i was surprised at how difficult it was at first!