Monday, March 03, 2008

my weekend...& yours?

...busy busy busy. spent friday evening making sprout studio products for wholesale orders & then after a full day of my regular art teaching, flopped into bed after watching "the lives of others" (it was good, long, but sad & well done).

... spent saturday gathering & prepping & making goodies for regular sprout orders & a few etsy orders -- flopped into bed to read my special asian medicinal bible of a book to garner new knowledge on balance within my body...yin/yang and how to eat properly to get this IBS under control.

...spent sunday morning doing a yoga session & the rest of the morning & mid day shooting new products, then spent the rest of sunday interspersed with packaging the orders, putting finishing touches on the mail & making spaghetti sauce, homemade bread (i'm a cheater still, in the breadmaker even though i have grand plans of going authentic soon), & flopped into bed with my "a spoonful of ginger" cookbook which addresses eating for yin/yang. apparently i have too much yin & need to balance it out with more yang -- which means more 'fire in the belly' basically...more hot, spicy, cooked foods. i think i should take a class on asian cooking; there are a few spices & ingredients i'm unfamiliar with, i'm sure a trip through chinatown could take care of that instantly though.

how about you? were you busy this weekend? is it snowing still where you are? a guilty pleasure that i soo love is living where, on march 1st, i can wake up and put flip flops and skirt on and be a happy girl. :)

happy monday everyone! (don't forget that i'll draw another spring fling winner again this week!)

& oh! march marks 3 years for my little sprout studio - happy 3rd to sprout! :)



wendy said...

happy 3rd birthday...have fun exploring the hot side of asian food.
a little more fire in your belly can't be a bad thing!

mi2 said...

Happy 3rd Birthday! ^_^
Yea, you should definitely explore on food at China Town. Hot & Spicy and Deep Fried or BBQ can bring you more fire. Sometimes you need to balance ying/yang and can't just take what's the opposite though. Maybe you can try talking to a Chinese herbalist doctor to get more idea...

Lisa Braithwaite said...

Yay! Happy 3rd!

Saturday was a typical working day for us, but Sunday we woke up to the gurgling sound of our plumbing backing up into the tub at 7:30 a.m.

Called the plumber, who said they'd be there around noon. Told our neighbors on the property not to run any water either, or it would back up into our bathroom, so there went their Sunday morning as well.

Went to breakfast without a shower, and ended up hanging out home, enjoying the sunshine with our kitties, playing on our computers and watching movies until close to 3:00 when the plumber finally came.

I guess we were forced to have a truly do-nothing day!

-s said...

I've never commented, but stumbled here from the pixel girl site because I liked your jewelry...
The best luck I've ever had with IBS in 8 years is combining a parasite cleanse ( and super-fancy pro-biotics. Chinese medicine helped for a little bit, too. Good luck!

kelly said...

happy third!

shash said...

busy gal! i'd love to have din soon. i am overwhelmed by school/work, but maybe a wednesday night or weekend? hope you're feeling ok.