Tuesday, September 02, 2008

market pretties

market pretties, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

what i did accomplish--

*making the homemade sauce, making fieryeyed's challah bread (totally dee-lish and i'm definitely making it again), packaged up sprout studio orders & did an extremely mini clean in the studio, had picnic is *esprit* park, not dolores, got a little derailed...no mime troupe... yes on the book club meeting to talk about the book that was not my favorite...i did rest a little, but that cold is still hanging out.

errr....nope (moved to the next weekend agenda!):

*pot up new clover plant & succulent plant
*make fried green tomatoes from my poor tomato plants that just aren't liking the SF fog
*put away all my recently thrifted vintage wardrobe scores & do a major haul out of the stuffed closet
*go for a hike with dixie loo dog

hope your weekends were fab & your week equally so.


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