Friday, October 17, 2008

my favorite mister

my favorite mister, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

i like this guy a lot. he's a good one, and a keeper and i'm glad we found each other :)

we are heading down the coast on saturday with a coupla friends to do some pumpkin patch pickin' and have dinner at a tavern in pescadero that's been around since 1892! i love autumn. it's always been my favorite season. on the east coast it's that final relief from those scorchin' summers and out here, i just breathe better. i love cozying up with books and soups and baking & nesting in. it does my heart good. i mean really, how can you beat homemade pumpkin bread with cup of ginger peach tea & a good book?! that's pretty divine.

i hope your weekend is filled with something autumn-ey and that you have a rejuventating time whatever it is you fancy!



tabkat said...

My favorite missus and mister!
Miss you guys

Katrina said...

how adorable are the two of you? so cute. and your pumpkin bread, ginger tea, book-reading autumn adventures are certainly divine.

shash said...

what a sweet photo of you two.