Friday, October 24, 2008

together our dreams can be one...

i have been feeling so hopeful lately -- more so than i have in such a long, long time. i almost distrust that little bird fluttering around in there that says, "it's okay, you can feel this feeling again -- it's alright to have this bubble up & want this excitement and feel these small little earthquakes or 'what ifs' and imagining the *good* from change that can come..."

2 weeks feels like a long time now to wait - but i really, really am so thrilled at the possibilities & i really, REALLY don't want to be incredulous and totally bummed out like in 2004. so here's to HOPE, CHANGE, freedom & of course, we gotta throw love in there right? :)

have fantastic weekends dears!

oh! and i almost forgot to give credit where it is due, christopher david ryan has allowed these great posters to be downloaded for free. get yours here


1 comment:

celeste said...

i have mine up in the car.
it's a beautiful graphic and so eloquently represents the hope that i feel too that we will finally be out of this downward spiral we've been in for 8 years.

so hoping that all this good news i keep hearing about will come true - only if all these folks get out and vote.