Wednesday, November 19, 2008

craftland + a few other reminders...

craftland prep, originally uploaded by sproutgirl74.

but first, can i tell you how aggravating it is to write an entire blog post with all sorts of links to have it disappear into never never internets land?! *huge sigh*

okay, here we go again..

so, sprout studio goodies will be at craftland in providence - if you are anywhere near, GO! it will be amazing, those gals are super duper & put on a terrific indie craft shopping experience with loads of awesome goodies!

also, i'll be shipping goods out for the nyc bust craftacular (yay, finally got in this year!) my bff kimmie will be working the booth, so definitely say hi to her!!

next up, i'll be doing the bazaar bizarre here in the city, check out the site for all the relevant info!

i'll be doing another mission indie mart in december, at the independent show hall - more info to come on that one.

and last, i think i'll be doing a little home shindig at somebody's house - much more relaxed and chill - i'll let you know more about that one too! if you can, come on out and see me and my sprout studio goodies :)

happy wednesday!

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Katrina said...

congrats on all this amazing news! so good to know you are getting your work out there this holiday season. three cheers for sprout studio! (and a very sad attempt at me doing a fancy jump with a high kick, but probably the vision of that is better left to the imagination!)