Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the thankful list

so there's been this list dealio floating around the internets and bloggerlands that quite efficiently catalogs some of your loves/faves/gratefuls etc...i'm going to join in that list! i think 100 is the norm, but others have detoured & done their own thing of course. you are inevitably supposed to tag, but no pressure from over here - just my own grateful/thankful/what i like a lot list :)

*little green inchworms
*morning glories
*pumpkin bread
*paper ephemera
*the mister
*dixie loo dog
*my mama & my papa
*tissues with lotion
*loose leaf ginger peach tea
*coastal drives
*vw busses
*blurry photographs
*reconnecting via facebook
*old movie theatres
*benches to sit outside on our sidewalk
*neighbors to drink hot toddies with
*silver metal pushpins
*balloons in the sky
*my art office at school
*flip flops
*toe socks
*church pews
*tomato sandwiches (from a garden of course)
*lost in translation
*madeleine l'engle
*anne lamott
*birch wood flooring
*succulent plants
*friends babies
*hearing "good morning sunshine"
*sharpie markers
*kiddo art
*chunky plastic rings
*chunky wooden rings
*all manner of chunky rings
*b&w photos of my grandparents
*biscuits and marmalade
*ben seibel pottery
*brown sugar
*vintage buttons
*aqua toenail polish
*polka dots
*country air
*mountain air
*beach air
*vera sheets & towels & dishes
*knee hi socks
*lip balm
*puppy bellies
*gin & tonics with extra lime
*dark chocolate
*old houses
*road trips
*new experiences
*the smell of flour
*when the perfect music matches the mood
*my good luck computer swan
*my good luck computer bunny
*a good book
*previous students coming for visits
*snuggly robes
*bunny slippers
*crunchy leaves
*whistling tea kettles
*puffy white clouds
*the mister's laugh
*the mister's smile
*dixie squeaking her squeak toy when she's happy
*mod podge
*post it notes
*soba noodles with peanut sauce
*old metal containers
*neon signs
*filing cabinets
*wild flowers
*the golden gate bridge
*vintage bobby pins
*freshly mown grass smell
*kisses on the cheek
*strangers smiling
potentially this list could go on for a long, long time :) which is good, i am blessed. i hope your thanksgiving weekend is full of rest, laughter, enjoyment, and peace. (& of course yummy food!) see ya next week, mini blog break :)



wendy said...

i did a list too...but I only got up to 75. kept getting interrupted by the little one.
i love your list!

Katrina said...

i love the list! wishing you a cozy thankful weekend...

shash said...

fantastic list!