Friday, October 30, 2009

"project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look"

this past weekend was open studios and a trial run for our home gallery to be realized. & so, without further ado, introducing "project sprout gallery/i can't look i must look" :) we are super excited to begin our fledgling attempts at showing work - lots of bay area ladies & mens, old friends' work, new friends' work, acquaintances & new peoples all together! yay for art in the house! we were part of a co-op gallery, wonder gallery, back east in virginia and it was such a great time for us, it's about time we got back into the gallery/showing/art world in this way.

katrina & i intermeshed our works for open studios as an opener to our first real show in january. our work looked really lovely together - lots of overlapping themes & media.

saturday night we had game night, so the gallery got to see some action too. we plan on having an opening january 23rd (save the date!) & a closing in february. katrina & i are busy hashing out timelines & chatting about themes, & our collaborative & non-collaborative pieces. this has been a good first process & jump into the mix for me again. i'm hoping to do a series of collaborative shows with bay area art ladies. i want to push myself in new ways and experiment more - so i'm going to utilize our new project sprout gallery as a means to open up a bit more & gain some new ground. i just hope all the ladies i have in mind are willing to play with me :)

& with this opening, i now have a bit of this new work up on my site -- sprout studio go have a peek yes?

hope you all have fine halloweenie weekends :)



Kerstin Svendsen said...

yay! it looked fabulous. can't wait for the shows to come.

Katrina said...

"project sprout gallery". i love it. cheers to you & bob for getting this going and thanks for asking me to join you for your inaugural push.