Wednesday, October 07, 2009


i've been going back to one of my first crushes, poetry. i used to write - a lot. i even took writing & poetry workshops in college. then i wrote on my own for awhile. i never published anything, but i read some of my stuff at art openings. i feel lucky to know this poet, my friend katrina -- i just started reading some of her work & it's phenomenal. truly. i love poetry. when it's good, it just cuts through everything -- the core, the meat, the heart, you got it. it's all there, & it can be so very raw & real. i love it. it's like a good piece of visual art; if you can have a new experience with it each time you see it, it's a winner. i've also picked up a new collection by sharon olds from the library, again, good stuff. my all time fave is anne sexton. hands down, i was smitten with her from the very first time i read her, she's incredible. i'm sure being out of the loop has put me behind - any great contemporary poets out there i have missed? turn me on if so...

i also stopped by rare device (they carry my umbrella skateboard too) this past thursday - they have a fantastic show up right up now. if you are in the bay area, don't miss it. i have my eye on a few pieces if i can scrounge up some monies for a purchase i'm going too! diem chau's work is especially lovely. i also got to meet the lovely lisa solomon for the first time too. i feel like through bloggy world i've known her for a long time, so it was nice to put the two worlds together.

news soon about some upcoming holiday shows i'll be participating in. yikes, holiday already huh?!

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Katrina said...

you are sweet. i'm glad to be your poet friend any day. take a peek at the work of a few favorite contemporary poets: juliana spahr, bhanu kapil, mei mei berssenbrugge, brenda coultas, and renee gladman to name a few. my contemporary lady poet list is endless and i'm always glad to point to a few poets who should be getting more hype. xoxo, k.