Tuesday, October 05, 2010

impossible not?

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so, it's totally official - we finally got our keys to our new home - even after that last post when i thought we were good to go, even up to the very last minute it was still touch n go on whether or not this crazy falling down home would be ours to bring back to life with some love!!

i love this photo by emilie79 on flickr - new polaroid film they are testing out. this whole house mission this entire last year plus felt impossible, but now, i can truly say, it was impossible 'not' :) at last!

we've already begun pulling up the disgusting carpet & revealing the hardwood floors - our before & after's will hopefully knock your socks off because yesterday as i wandered around our *home*, i laughed & laughed at the impossible-ness of the work needed for this home. but i'm going to try to keep that "not" in my mind regarding the work for her too - impossible not. i like it.

happy tuesday!

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