Friday, October 15, 2010

photostrip hudson home - it's moving weekend!

we move this weekend - it's been ridiculous. the amount of packing & demo-ing & rehab & painting & stripping & pulling & boxing & taping & pitching & passing along & trying to get rid of & sanding & dumping & late nights & & & & ...has me very overwhelmed.

but what makes me happy is standing on my tiptoes in the very far left corner of MY backyard & seeing the tip of the golden gate bridge twinkle at night far in the will be worth it (in maybe 10 years!)

can't wait for the huge move-in push to be done this weekend!

1 comment:

lisa s said...

i *still* say goodnight to our house. it's so great when it's YOURS.

hope you are done moving and were able to relax a bit!