Thursday, November 04, 2010

pdx & pinterest

first off, i'm going to portland for the weekend for a much needed rest up with two lady friends - & the best part? i haven't had to plan one single thing - tickets were bought for me, flight figured out, hotels figured out, & i'm sure most outings will be figured out too! i love it!! we are going up for the little winter market. i beyond thrilled to meet up with so many great lady artists & to shop amazing art & products! i'm going to have to restrain myself or my wallet will be emptied lickety split like.

two, pinterest. i am in LOVE with this new visual bookmarking site. i've already squandered hours pinning & making my boards - but the organization by visualization is way too good. i've started lots of boards just for me but also for my art lesson plans & such at work. an excellent tool! check out my boards & follow along if you like, &/or create your own!

happy weekending to you all!

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