Wednesday, November 10, 2010

portland, a little winter, lady friends...

we had an amazing time in portland for the little winter market. we shopped, we met awesome other lady artists & bloggers, we ate delicious amounts of food, and drank many amazingly yummy cocktails, wandered about in the beautiful portland fall & basically just had a ton of fun! we stayed in the ace hotel, took our photos in the photo booth, meandered into stumptown coffee on the left & clyde common on the right & didn't let the rain faze us. & we watched 3/4 of one horrible film (do NOT go see due date no matter what anyone says! - you will need copious amounts of alcohol to get that one out of your system!)

if little winter happens next year, i am so down with going!

you can see the rest of my photos from the weekend on my flickr here

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