Friday, September 23, 2011


i felt the need to speak loudly because it's been TOO LONG! good grief, send a girl on vacation & you never hear from her again.

i'm back, back, back. back to my teaching schedule & back to getting a few new sprout studio bits & bobs together & these are some of the sweet newness.

so, hello hello & i hope all of you are well. (ALL of you being only certain family members & my one friend that still reads here ;)

i have however, been reading up a storm, check out that updated reading list. i have been loving carving out less internets time & more reading time for myself. it's been good.

i am over on facebook (although i'm hating that new layout - you?) & having a love affair with instagram - if you are on there let me know so i can follow you. & of course, popping into twitter as well.

more posts to come - happy almost end of official summer!


lisa s said...

i still read.... :)

Katrina said...

hooray, you're back! (wait, am i your one friend?!?) would love to know which 1-2 books were your very favorite/s. i loved "just kids" so much i could hardly let it end.

shutterbean said...

welcome back lovey!!! xoxoxo

Nicole Mitchell said...

I still read as well;)

Shahana said...

No worry, I am also reading your blog.