Monday, October 17, 2011

wise women

lots going on over here. visitors in, visitors out. friends with babies being born, friends, including myself, with loved ones passing on. laughter & tears. smiles & sad frowns. in the betweens i've been posting things to my sprout studio etsy shop, instagraming all over the place, hoping for a new iphone, making plane flights to go back east for a memorial service, digging a 4 ft trench around my house for drainage, canning tomatoes, reveling in wearing shorts 3 days in a row, & pampering myself just yesterday with a mani/pedi. which i never do.

always lots going on. there's a piece of me that dreads the darkness in the morning that is coming when i wake up now, but a piece of me that cannot wait to start baking & soup making in the darker, quieter evenings.

hope all is well with you friends.


Katrina said...

this is a perfect list of things. aside from the sadness. and i too am reveling in knowing that the season of baking and soup-making is almost here. almost.

Tonya said...

Your Broach is absolutely amazing!!

For Dandelion Blog said...

Cute broach! You take such beautiful pictures!