Monday, May 08, 2006

tatoo's, summer, friends, subletting.

i really think i'm going to do it this summer. i've been saying it since before the late 90's. a tatoo. i am so inspired by so much good lookin' art on people, i have to get some of my own...i think this summer might be it. & i'm leaning towards some margaret kilgallen art...oh, i'm going to have to be so brave, but i think i can do it. commitment in that area is what i become leary of...maybe for my birthday. for number 32. i should *get* the number 32 tattooed in red somewhere, within a little star. that would be a little margaret art somewhere...hmmmmmm...

it's almost here. flip flops, skirts, bbq's (they'll be the real kind back east - big yards, large swaths of green, dogs running, kids playing, cocktails with loads of ice, deee-lish veggies, bay oysters roasting, friends lounging and languishing - because the humidity makes us a little bit this side of stupid - and nary a hoodie or cardigan to be worn allll night long.) & let's not forget the thrift stores & yard sales. oh yes. i am so unbelievably excited to go thrifting back in tidewater with my lovely of loveliest thrift store buddy, ms. jooooooo. she is the BEST companion to go with; we inevitably find AMAZING scores...i'm salivating already - when do we go jo?!

third topic. i love them. they are all over this darn world. and i want them closer. and i'm trying my best to woo them here. to not so much luck thus far. but i ain't stopping. no. they will come. i know they will come!

and subletting. 4th and final topic of the evening. (oop, no i thought of one more to discuss after this) i will be subletting my amazing industrial live/work loft for two months this summer - want it? got a friend? email me!!! in the finest city around. you'll love it!

now the final topic. sale sale sale at sprout studio. go snatch up my goodies so i can post new ones already!!!!!



candykid6 said...

I DID HER! haha, you gave me her for my project in the end of eight grade. her stuff is actually pretty SNAZZY! i like how she does things so big and all..... you have to tell me what you finally decide to get!!!

-peace love and captain crunch.

jenifer74 said...

i know, i told you she's one of my fav's ;) for my fav. kiddo i gave my fav. artist ;)

candykid6 said...

YAY! o so i've deicded that i'm going to read the new yorker every week. that thing is TRES funny. tell bobert i said HI!